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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Report of 12 Nov 2017

Good evening from Greyland -

Everything is grey - the sky, the faintly visible sea, our immediate outdoors.  There was a new depression in the Bay of Bengal and we became due for more rain, which has happened.  I did manage to get a swim in this morning: that was lovely, because our apartment complex's pool becomes a lot cleaner with rainwater.

And we have Internet back in the house, courtesy a certain Scott Weiss.  Our router had conked out, and young Weiss was on the job.  Actually, neither of us is young any more, but that's okay.  Middle-aged, I think is the term.

Work is busy and fine.  The Banyan's clinic last Monday had fewer patients due to rain, no one complained.  The census is usually heavy and we have little time to actually chat with the patients, which we like to do.  Often, the time is taken up with having to figure out why some patients did not do the blood tests we had ordered, etc., and that is a time-drain.  Still, they are happy to see us and we are glad to provide care.  Some are so unfortunately impoverished that my questions such as "Do you eat fruit every day?" have to be substituted with "Do you think you could eat a small banana every other day?  Is that possible?" 

The other facility of the Banyan had a visitor a couple of weeks ago; Ms. X had been with us last year and came back just to visit.  She has HIV, has been disowned by her family, her husband has died and her in-laws are raising her children, whom she does not see.  The B treated her for various illnesses, had her reviewed by the Government hospital for HIV, and she now has a tailoring job in Hyderabad; she makes excellent money and brought fairly lavish gifts for many of us, including her favorite fellow patients.  A very pretty box of chocolate for me, which was unnecessary, but - of course - very sweet (literally and figuratively).  She was flying back to Hyderabad from Chennai.  Air travel is out of financial reach of most of our staff and all our patients; I am glad Ms. X is well and financially well.  A second marriage is on the cards, the groom-to-be told Ms. X that she could not visit the Banyan henceforth and she has told him what she thought of that idea.  Thusly, there is to be no 2nd marriage.

Private practice is great.  We had a patient (not wealthy) roll in with very high blood sugar and he was panting; I frankly thought the shortness of breath was due to something else.  He did get better breathing-wise after his sugar was controlled.  His wife had been very worried since the start of the hospitalisation and asked me repeatedly if he would be okay; I cannot with blithe confidence say, "Of course he will," and hoped for the best.  The day before discharge, when it was clear that the patient was better, his wife finally smiled and it was a very nice sight.

We saw a concert last night - Lail Arad and J.F. Robitaille.  There is another one tonight (Bennie Dayal and Anil Srinivasan), but the rain and distance are making me have second thoughts.  We also saw "Thor - Ragnarok," and that was simply fabulous.  What comedic timing that stud Chris Hemsworth has - wooo.  We Skyped with both boys this morning and that was also wonderful; lots of chatter, laughter, sharing.

May you have many sharing moments of your own.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Report of 1 Nov '17

Good evening -

The NE Monsoon is in full force, the day is dark and grey outside, but our world is happy and bright: Naren messaged this morning and stated he was okay and safe.  He had been at the site of the tragedy a few hours prior.  We are grateful to all the powers that our son is okay.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.  What a real phenomenon gunmen are starting to become.  And in the U.S., not just Syria or Somalia or Sudan.  As one survivor said, "This does not happen in Vancouver." 

My whole day was spent being immensely grateful.  I was in my private practice today and had several extremely appreciative patients.  That was nice, also.  One of them has a stomach ulcer aggravated by his demanding software job and I told him to put everything in the balance, and to go to the Banyan for counselling. 

The Banyan is fine and one of my favorite patients, Ms. X, came by and gave me 2 bobby pins when I was there yesterday.  She might have found them on the ground, but I am grateful for the interaction.  She is mentally challenged and her speech is hard to understand, but she is unfailingly considerate and appreciative, and that is a great joy.  As is everything today.

One of the Security officers of the Banyan met with an accident last week and died, I am very sorry to say.  He was a good man.  His daughter is ostensibly getting married today, the wedding to go on as all arrangements were made so in advance and were in place.  His son died in an accident earlier this year, and he and I used to talk about it.  I miss him.  I miss our conversations, the respect we shared, his grey hair and gentle demeanor.  I feel for his wife and daughter, the survivors of this family.

I phoned my father today; he was reading the Bible and I gave him the news of Naren.  I also thanked him for his prayers, and he said, "Prayer helps."  We were delighted to see my brother, sister-in-law and niece over the weekend; that was grand fun.  Family truly is everything.

Hug your loved ones today.

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