Renu's Week

Monday, August 11, 2014

Report of 11 Aug 2014

On the porch at our Jasper house, with a husband reading and a son looking at "League of Legends" - fun times.

We are well and I have not blogged in a while; days off get as busy as days on.  We live in a very nice neighborhood in Jasper, and have rented a house instead of an apartment for the first time.  This means Navin must cut the grass.  :)

Our neighbor is a nice man, disabled physically and likely mentally ill.  He is a delight.  He had shown me his foot one day: it had a superficial abrasion on it, and I'd told him to put an antibiotic cream and a bandaid on it.  The foot did not improve and got very swollen.  This gentleman avoids hospitals and doctors like the plague and I implored him - again and for a new condition this time - to go to the Emergency Room.  Part of the history that was missing was that a floor saw had fallen on his foot; the patient did go to the Emergency Room, a foot doctor was consulted and his little toe has been removed.  We are spectacularly relieved that this gentleman accessed care and waxed eloquent about it.  He had been slugged by his stepson earlier last month and had eschewed the ER for his eye injury.  This time, he went!  We are happy.

Today, we got a big basket of food from the same neighbor and his disabled wife.  She had made all of it despite her disability and it was warm and tasty.  What sweet folks.

It is, as always, a privilege to be in this profession.

The Banyan continues to be short of money for a new project.  If you can help,  All donations are tax-deductible.

Unw or until next month -