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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Report of 30 July 2016

Hello from our balcony in Indianapolis!

I had not blogged for a while, for a few reasons - very busy service here and little time on weeks off, plus a relative who uses the blog to keep track of family members' whereabouts which I find a bit creepy.  Anyway, it is what it is and here I am writing.

The conference of the American College of Physicians was the wonderful learn-fest it always is.  I also started work at St. Vincent Hospital in Indy and it has been busy.

This past week, I finally had time to see friends Louise Hass, Patrick and Diane Healey, and Olivia Fondoble.  All 3 interactions were over tasty meals and I had a grand time reconnecting.  Good friends truly are the nice condiments in our lives.  We saw relatives earlier in the summer, and had both boys with us in May.  Today, my sister-in-law, Diane, came to visit and we went to Terre Haute to see Navin, catch a movie and eat, eat, eat.

I have seen movies ad infinitum, that is part of the joy of being here: drive up to a theater, buy a ticket, walk in and see a movie.  India is so overpopulated and movies are so popular that they sell out on most days and pre-booking is required.  It is a treat to see movies anywhere, however, and I have enjoyed it.  The movies this summer are dreadful, with the exception of "Hunt for the Wilderpeople," which was excellent.

A memorable patient this year was the 20 year old man who had smoked a Fentanyl patch with his brother and then become unresponsive.  His 18 year old brother died in this incident.  The 20 year old was admitted, and his brain MRI and echocardiogram showed some damage to his brain and heart.  He also did not know, until 3 days after he was admitted, that his brother had died.  Scott and I went to the viewing and felt completely sorry for the parents; I felt quite some anger at the young people, that an experiment of this magnitude and such catastrophic consequence had to be tried.

I have spoken on weeks off to my father and he is well.  He went for conferences in Mumbai and Chennai, and had a great time.  

Scott is well, Naren is auditioning, Navin is in summer school and I will return for my week "on" in 2 days.  Hope all of you are well.

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