Renu's Week

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Report of 17 May 2011

Well, we breathe again -

Navin's school exam results just came and he has done fairly well. He was tutored by many devoted individuals, including 2 young women just about his age, and they extracted - like teeth - good performances from him. 1 subject (chem) was a bit of a let-down, but now he knows how to study it.

We have been well and will get set to send this kid off to Rose-Hulman. Naren is busy with his internship at a local TV station and enjoying it. The good thing is that they let him do some work, instead of having him sit in a room - for the duration of the internship period - with a training manual.

The practice of medicine continues, with stray cases here and there. The gardener lady in our complex appears to be doing well with Ibuprofen, and one of her colleagues approached me for help with her sister's health. This is de rigeur for me, having to refer or see patients sometimes without seeing them. But that is the way it is with the impoverished here, and we must do the best we can. Always, always a privilege to use my education for the benefit of those whose next meal is never a certainty. Dr. Love and Olivia graciously donated a few medical journals to me and I have been reading some of them; always a joy to read a well-written article.

We attended our able Banyan nurse Leela's son's baptism. His name is similar to our son's: Naveen Mathew. (Ours is Navin Matthew and they sound exact.) Leela's brother is his little nephew's godfather, and I am delighted to see further manifestations of Leela's reconciliation with her brother. Nothing like getting along with family.

Speaking of which, we will be at a family wedding in Bangalore this weekend. It's my mother's cousin's daughter and the father (said cousin) has been magnificent about phoning everyone and inviting them personally. So we'll go and eat and dance and enjoy family, especially those that would warmly invite us. Naren and Navin are always delighted to meet cousins they haven't met before, and are uniformly happy when these cousins are not just nice, but "hot." :)

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