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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Report of 6 Apr 2014

Hello from the Carmel library!

Next to me, there is a woman talking to herself as she views yet another surprise on the screen.  It is a tad disconcerting, but it could be worse. 

On 1 April, I left Chennai and arrived in Chicago.  Navin was waiting and we companionably drove down to the warm and hospitable Taber home.  Jet lag prevailed, I slept and then got into the routine of going to St. V, sitting in on educational sessions, etc.  I also managed to see "August: Osage County" at the $1 cinema, and Navin and I saw "Captain America" on opening day.  The joy of the U.S. - non-sold-out movies.  Also being able to see our sons.

I flew a different airline this time and it was dreadful.  The service was obsequious, not solicitous.  The flight to the U.S. was 14 hours long and the window shades had to be down the whole time.  On the plus side, the movie selection was excellent, as was the food. 

The Banyan was fine when I left it.  We'd had young doctors come to fill in at the clinic in Kovalam, and one of them was very pleased with what we do.  We have changed one mind, haven't we, we have made a difference to 1 starfish.  To my great delight, these doctors also see children (I do not, being an internist who treats adults), and we can serve our impoverished populace better.

Adaikalam was also fine, and my last teaching session was on the liver.  It was good, and generated a lot of questions, as always.  How privileged am I, eh, to have studied this, when so many have had to give up their dreams due to poverty.

We managed to see my Dad before I left: he came to Chennai and all of us went out for lunch.  We ate kebabs and biryani and other fine foods, and talked and laughed.  All lovely.  We also visited some dear friends to say bye. 

Navin and I have different schedules, so I don't see him much, but it is good fun when I do see him.  Perhaps our schedules will jell at some point.  Naren will be off to L.A. soon with a friend, to act in a play that he has written.  We saw a performance of a different play of his in Chennai, and it was good, ably handled by one of the best directors in Chennai.

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