Renu's Week

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Report of 10 Sept 2016

Hello from Indianapolis, and our kitchen/dining table -

We are well and hope the same with you.

We are post-Iceland.  We went on a friend's suggestion, and were happy to make it a family vacation with both sons.  Iceland was friendly, beautiful and expensive.  As it is a small island, much of everything has to be imported and we bought produce there that was originally from the U.S.  The stories of vikings and the pretty Reykjavik, as well as the scenery around, were nice.  Fermented shark was a delicacy there and we tasted it.  Scott rented an apartment and a car, and both were good ideas, because we could go at our pace, see what we liked and leave the dwelling when we liked, without worrying about having to get up early enough to eat the proferred breakfast.

Work has been fine - frenetically busy, but the pace eased up.  One of my patients had newly diagnosed cancer everywhere and his wife quickly asked for a note to get out of a court date.  Valid excuse.  The priorities there were just a tad surprising for me.

It was nice spending time with both sons, and talking and laughing.  They drank Icelandic beer and one had wine with a meal on our return.  Neither Scott nor I drink alcohol with our meals, and I was amused at our sons' sophisticated tastes.  Both boys are since back at their respective lives - one auditioning madly and one studying.

My friend, Olivia, and I went to get some of my shopping accomplished.  I abhor the chore, and was happy to have Olivia's gentle presence alongside.  We ate, talked, laughed and drove, and pretty soon, the job was done.

I was in Terre Haute today, saw Navin and we went to see "Sully."  It was good.  Easily the best movie of the summer is "Hell or High water," which I saw earlier this week.  Set in Texas, with the folksy William H. Macy-esque stories (he is not in this flick), it was beautifully done and made me miss Texas.

My father and I spoke earlier in the week; he is well and travelling quite a bit.  Scott and I will be home soon.

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