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Friday, October 28, 2016

Report of 29 Oct 2016

Hello from Chennai!

Happy Diwali, though a day early.  May the festival of lights bring all of you joy.

We are well. It is nice to blog.  I was on our balcony, then it got hot, so I came in.  We are back in Chennai and, of course, enjoying it.  I swam this morning in our complex's outdoor pool and nearly froze, it being a bit nippy in the mornings; however, a swim is still a joyous swim.

I saw my Dad today and picked him up at a conference in Chennai to take him to the airport.  The conference was on Cleft palate and associated anomalies, and he received a lifetime achievement award, having done thousands of surgeries on cleft palates.  It was good to see him, though for a short time only.

The Banyan is grand, as always, floridly under-resourced and chaotic, but fun.  We had a patient sent to us from another NGO, as they could not cope with her mental illness.  She was treated here and recovered well.  She is from the Northeast, where the people look oriental and are slender, and was a total treat, singing and dancing, and taking care of troublesome folks.  She told me she'd been a teacher, and stated in English that she wanted a job; I'd followed up the local hospital's treatment of the wounds on her foot and she was healing well.  At one point there, she looked at me and said, "Thank you."  It was a powerful moment, worth every bit of 4 years of med school.  This patient is back with the NGO that sent her to us, and her brother plans to come from far away to pick her up and take her home. 

Scott is back at work teaching.  I had picked up a virus from work earlier this week and had to ask Scott to bring home some take-out food from their canteen (cafeteria); he brought it and it was tasty.  It was not in the least fun being sick; it does, however, teach me what my patients undergo.  Scott enjoys the teaching, and feels the grad students are more serious than undergrads.

Several new movies will be released tomorrow; we will not go then as they will be sold out, but hopefully during the week or next weekend, we will see a flick or 2.

Have a great weekend!

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