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Monday, August 15, 2016

Report of 15 Aug 2016


Happy Independence Day to all - 15 August.  Every time I return to the homeland, I feel awe to be able to do that.  So many cannot.  I love living in a free country.

We are well and hope the same with you.  This was my week off and spent watching the Olympics, skewed though coverage was: they even showed the American gymnastics team *waiting* to perform.  Sheesh.  In that time, a portion of the dazzling talent produced by other countries could have been shown.  But no.

This was my week off and a lot of of errands were run, as well as movies watched.  Surprisingly, I have fallen asleep at movies on Tuesdays; I think work is so exhausting that the first day off - Tuesday - provides the first chance of relaxing.  Usually, movies are a favorite pastime and I have never fallen asleep during one, prior to this year.

We saw Navin last weekend, which was fun as always, and then travelled to Columbus, OH, to see college friends Craig, Cathy and Mike.  That was a grand time.  Yesterday, we got together with Shilpa and Ravi Mallur, and their kids, Keerthi, Surya and Akash.  That was also fabulous.  Getting together with good friends and family is panacea.

Work was good.  The portion of young people dabbling in illicit drugs is on the increase, I fear.  We had a young patient admitted with air in his chest; not his lungs, where air belongs, but the chest.  His urine drug screen (UDS) was positive for methamphetamine.  Something had happened to puncture a hole either in his esophagus or trachea and cause air to leak into his chest.  Usually, the management is "Wait and watch."  On seeing the UDS, I offered the young man some counselling by a psychiatrist; he declined, stating that the meth smoking and snorting had been "for fun."  Indeed.  Some fun, that.  My thinking these days is that if an adult patient declines an intervention that could benefit - counselling, for instance - they are certainly entitled to, and can take the consequences that come with that decline (no pun intended).

Why are the movies these days so terrible?  I am hopeful that Naren may make a good one sometime.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Report of 11 Aug 2016

Hello from our living room and in front of the TV -

We don't have a TV in India and don't miss it; I am enjoying all the sporting action from the Olympics while we are stateside.

It would be grand, though, if there were some coverage of other countries: in prime time, we have been inundated with U.S. Gymnastics and Swimming, and I remember doing a double-take when the camera panned to a competitor from elsewhere, only then realising there were other countries competing :).

Life is fine here, work is very busy.  That is one of the characteristics of a tertiary hospital, where challenging cases come from elsewhere.  One of my patients had been in the hospital for 11 days by the time I finished my week on; he has had surgery, and we (Internal Medicine hospitalists) have helped manage his blood pressure and blood sugar.  He and his wife are very gracious and appreciative; it makes the work day that much better when patients and family are nice.

I spoke to my father yesterday and he was well.  We have made plans to meet when Scott and I return to India.  Scott, Naren and Navin are well, and busy with their own individual pursuits.  We saw Scott's mother, aunt and uncle about 2 weeks ago, and Scott's sister, Diane, came up to visit us, all of which was nice.

What is with the movie industry?  There has not been a wealth of good movies this summer and, indeed, I can only remember 2 as being good - "Warcraft," and "Hunt for the Wilderpeople."  I was surprised that Warcraft was entertaining, full of intrigue and plot twists and a good story line.  "Hunt ..." was hilarious - from New Zealand and loaded with humor.

Let me wind up.  Every day brings some joys, does it not.

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