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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Report of 5 March 2017

Good evening from our balcony!

The laundry is dry, the sea has turned from a vivid blue to grey-ish with the setting sun, there are people splooshing about in the pool and my shorts-sporting husband has just joined me.

We are well.  The Banyan is great.  We celebrated "Family Day" at both our branches.  Several friends donated cash and we had biryani, fried chicken this time (as we got generous gifts) and ice cream.  Families of the staff joined us and I got lots of gifts, too; fresh radish grown on a colleague's land, pens, chocolate and home-made goodies.  There was no need for the gifts, but I appreciated all of them.  There was also entertainment and - as always - my non-dancing husband joined me on stage for a typical Tamilian dance.  My colleague, Leela, saved Scott by replacing him at a step of the dance and all of it was grand fun.  Scott was a bit under the weather for iteration no. 2, but danced nonetheless.  The visiting children were dressed in their Sunday best and looked stunning; they were well-behaved and lovely.  It was mighty nice to socialise with the staff and meet their families.

Private practice is also nice.  Yesterday, I saw a young man who had passed blood while urinating and also had scrotal swelling; neither of these is common in young men and I had to ask the wife to step out while I asked the patient some personal questions.  I have since sent him to a urologist at the Government hospital and requested him to bring back the report; I had to spell out "Human Immunodeficiency Virus" in my referral letter as I had to guard against it falling into the wrong hands.

Naren and Navin are well.  We Skyped/Google-hung-out with them today.  Regretfully, the conversation had to revolve around the hate crimes against Indians in the U.S., and we had to urge the boys to be careful.  They are as opinionated as their mother, but markedly more discreet in their expression and we hope for all the forces to keep them safe.  I am used to - rarely - being targeted for dark skin; to be targeted for being Indian is new.

We hope all of you are well.

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