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Friday, July 04, 2014

Report of 4 July 2014

Happy Independence Day and Happy World Cup!

Brazil just scored.  Naren is here for a few days, has his Brazil shirt on and we are enjoying the games.  I got to watch Wimbledon also.

Work is fine and very busy.  Jasper is in a county with the lowest unemployment in the state.  This eliminates many social stressors for our patients, such as trying to find physicians who will see uninsured patients in follow-up.  I also don't see too many obese patients, which I have seen elsewhere in Indiana.

We have seen a few movies, enjoying time together.  We have also walked around this beautiful town, buying local chocolate and ice cream.  Small towns have a unique charm.  Some wingingly prejudiced statements also come flying out, thus there is a balance.

I got to talk to my Dad yesterday and that was lovely.  He was also following the World Cup and it was fun to talk of it.

The Banyan has been good, I know; always is.

Short blog.  Longer next time.

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