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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Report of 29 April '09

Hello from the library at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio -

It's been a frenetic few weeks. The boys finished exams, we went to Madurai for my parents' 80th b'day celebration, took a family vacation to Dehra Dun and Amritsar to see some of the sights in our own beautiful country, caught up on a couple of Tamil movies in Chennai, the boys went to visit their aunt and cousin in Bangalore, and then I got ready to head overseas for my conference.

The conference of the American College of Physicians (ACP) is annually a good show. It's ego-less, they present data that is to help improve our practice, and all presenters are genially amenable to questions. I learnt a lot at this event, and have been going for the last 5 years. I was happy to meet some nice people at the conference, and reconnect with old friends like Rob Hansen, a classmate from med school.

In Philly, I stayed with Scott's cousins Jeff and Anne, and my friends Glenn and Beth. That was great fun. I was also privileged to see Ann Bagley, and speak to Phil Bagley on the phone. From there to Houston, where I stayed with Sharon Braxton, and saw our friends Latha and Ravi, and Tori and Jerry, and their families. All of this was magnificent and it recharged me considerably. On to San Antonio, where I went to see our dear friends Aurora and Scott, they of immense, warm kitchen fame, and their kids. Then to Linda and Dave Johnson's for 2 nights, and that was eminently therapeutic. I spoke at the med school and was pleased there was some interest in what we do in India. I was happy to see Dorothy and Vick Williams at the talk, and Kozue Shibazaki; these are nice people. Today, I got to see Greg Freeman and that was good, also.

At one venue, I was addressed as "Dr. Weiss" and was a little taken aback. For so long now (at least the last 4 months), I have focused on being a wife and mother and have forgotten that I am a doctor. We tended to a roadside emergency in Chennai before I left, and when the cops thanked me, I thought to myself that I had not done anything heroic, I had simply stopped to tend to an injured and dazed man.

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