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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Report of 1 Apr '09

Hello on April Fools' Day -

Navin told me there was a fly on my toast this morning and I didn't believe him. There was one, indeed; it was not intended as an April Fool's joke, flies are unfortunately very common here.

Naren is done with exams and is out jamming with friends; music is that boy's life. And movies. Navin has to contend with the postponed exam, and is not happy about it. But he will finish tomorrow. We had planned to host a giant party for both classes after the last exam, and Naren says he is not a party sort anymore, Navin's class is going to the beach, so it will be Scott and I partying - suits me well. Navin's female classmates were afraid I'd be crushed by this alternate beach plan, but it truly works for the best. We love the healthy interactions that boys and girls have here; Naren played soccer today with boys and girls, and Navin will go the beach tomorrow with his class (no bikinis will be in evidence, heck even shorts won't be).

After many days, I was at the vegetable market. All my patients there, the vendors, are holding up well, and I got lots of the best possible produce - not free, but certainly the best quality, carefully scrutinised and handpicked. It is nice to be paid thus.

The neighbor who had called me a few weeks ago called again. Her husband was not himself, "not mentating" well. So Scott (the real therapeutic presence) and I went to see him, and on my exam, I discovered that his lungs were crackly with fluid, he was retaining water in his legs, too. I thought it best that he be treated in the hospital and he balked; I understood this aversion to hospitalisation, but could not treat him at home as he wished. His daughter's a doctor and when I called her, she asked that I physically witness his getting into the car as he'd otherwise find a way to negotiate treatment at home. So Scott and I did, and the gentleman is in the hospital; he is stable. He and his wife are such wonderful sorts that I wish the best for both of them.

One of the boys' young friends (11 or 12 years old) is going through a bit of a crisis. Her father is having an affair and the mother is moving out. She spoke of this openly with the other Abacus (Navin's school) kids, and when Navin stated that she appeared to be holding up well, she asked, "What do you want me to do - burst into tears right here?" Both our sons are being extremely protective of this child, and include her in play, jokes, general hangings-out, etc. For her b'day, Naren made her a lovely poster and stuck it on her flat (apartment) door; that evening, she showed up with some sinful pastries for us that she and her mother had chosen. It was wonderful. I am so very glad that the boys' core of compassion is firmly in place.

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  • Wow,Nice to know about you thro Hindu's Metro Plus,refered by our Pshychology mam,Mrs Annie George(Ms.Annie Tharagan of LDC,now in Canada).Iam an Doakian of ur period,residing now in Sydney.Best Wishes for everything u do....Bhanu

    By Blogger பானு, at 22/4/09 1:38 AM  

  • Sorry......."Our Psychology Mam"

    By Blogger பானு, at 22/4/09 4:29 AM  

  • Hey Renu - This is Irene Durai, now Philips. I was in Vikassa for a year and in Lady Doak for another year, we met once when you were in Temple. Anyway if you are in the US give me a call - 215 469 0037 or send me email at I live in Philly. Love to catch up with you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22/4/09 3:59 PM  

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    By Blogger charmila, at 22/4/09 11:00 PM  

  • Hi Renu, this is charmila, i know u from noyes...nice to hear about you, anne mam sent me that article from hindu about you...amazing to read how u did ur medicine & also the amazing service u r carrying out.........all the very best.

    22/4/09 11:00 PM

    Posted to Report of 1 Apr '09

    By Blogger charmila, at 22/4/09 11:08 PM  

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