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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Report of 4 Feb '09

Hello from our neighbor's house -

We are well - most of us, at least. Navin sprained his ankle last week, and is my patient. Good to be a doctor at such times, I feel, if for nothing else than knowing when not to panic. Scott astutely bought a pair of crutches a few years ago, after many episodes of renting, and Navin is using them. He is better, and Naren is ready for him to get off them, as everyone else has had to pitch in with Navin's chores.

My uncle Bollu died earlier this week. He and my Mom had not spoken in over 52 years, due to her marrying my Dad. He didn't speak to any of us, either, but I think I mentioned having breakfast with him a year or 2 ago, thanks to my cousin and his daughter, Sheila, who arranged it. It was a genial, good time, and I like having this memory. What a waste to not talk to someone and be estranged, how many regrets might happen later. I have mentioned repeatedly how glad I am that my late brother, Manu, and I were on good terms.

So now there are issues of whether the half-breeds (us) will be allowed in at the memorial service. I shall go to Coorg for it and, if allowed in, will go condole with my aunt, Gubbi, and cousins. Time is too precious to let feuds get in the way; as I have told my siblings ad nauseam, nothing is worth my losing touch with them. They are welcome to any property I might have (hoo hoo, I can afford to be this generous since I have none).

My young student came to learn English and she is doing well. The Government has closed all colleges in the state fearing trouble due to the Sri Lankan Tamil issue. What a waste. Even folks who *want* to study cannot.

My aunt, Indira, visited from Coorg and stayed with us for about a week. That was nice. She had hosted us so often when we visited from the U.S. that it was nice to return the favor. She is of my mother's stock - intelligent, opinionated, funny.

Exam fever is on, and I will be taking 4 days off to go to Coorg. The men will have to hold the fort, which I am not fussed over.

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  • Hi Renu, this is from Aunty and Mitzi, ex-Temple. Didn't know you were back in India. Good to hear about you, congrats, are you a doctor now? we are in Texas. Hope to hear from you.

    By Blogger maya, at 5/2/09 8:47 AM  

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