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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Report of 16 May 2019


Boy, it feels good to write.

It has been a few weeks since the last post.  After celebrating my father's birthday with him in Madurai, I left for Philly on 8 April.  Navin picked me up there, which I was very grateful for as jet lag was fierce.  He dropped me at the hotel where I was to stay and took me to the next hotel the next day.  The conference of the American College of Physicians was excellent - as always - and I was sorry to have been a bit jet-lagged through the last sessions of each day.  It was grand fun to catch up with Greg Brown, Beth and Glenn Gross, Angela Thurston, and the Jeff+Anne Lippay family.  And Navin.  I managed to Whatsapp Naren, who was busy working that entire week, including Saturday; talking to him was nice, also.

On to Fort Wayne, and I started my summer job a couple of weeks later.  It is busy, but that was to be expected.  A friend from last year, Rositsa, is now in charge of the program and it is good to help out.  My father told me before I started working here: "When things are difficult, just smile."  It is good advice. 

I managed to see Scott's Mom and sister, and my friend, Olivia, before I started working.  That was also grand fun. 

After 10 days of working, Scott and I drove to West Chester, PA.  Naren came down from NYC, Navin joined us after work and we drove to Cape May, NJ, where we spent a cold, wet and blustery Mother's Day.  Who cared about the weather - it was soul-filling to be with all 3 Weiss men.  We wandered around Cape May on Saturday, then veged in front of the TV.  The hotel treated us to breakfast and gave me a pretty bouquet of flowers on Mother's Day, which was nice.  We drove Naren back to Brooklyn and said Hi to his roommate, then Navin drove us back to West Chester.  We headed back to Fort Wayne on Monday, and on Tuesday - $5 movie day - saw "Shazam" and "Long shot."  Both were good, which was a relief.  Flicks like "Poms" and "The hustle" might make me question the waste of time. 

I joined the Y and have been working out.  One of the coaches there told me that nuts - a favorite food - were high in fat.  Chee.  I was eating lots of nuts as I thought they were healthy.  Apparently also fatty.

My father is well, thank goodness.  He and I talked 2 days ago, prior to the movie-seeing.  He asked me to bring back proceedings of the conference and I acquiesced: his love of learning is unceasing.  Internal Medicine is not his speciality but he is keen to learn what I learnt.

The NBA has produced some surprising teams in the conference finals, though the darn Warriors continue to stay firmly entrenched there.  It would be very nice to have keenly-fought matches, instead of blowouts, which can be edifyingly boring.

I am at the Fort Wayne public library, a fine place.  Let me head off and read for a bit.

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