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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Report of 24 March 2019

Good evening!

Crystal clear day.  The sea is blue. there are boats in the backwaters at Muttukadu.  There is a cricket game downstairs.  Chennai Super Kings defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore yesterday in a T20 format cricket match here in Chennai; that would have been cool to see - I love live sports - but we were doing other things.

We are well.  It was a week spent in Chennai, but you would not have known it.  I had a tooth emergency and had to run to the dentist.  My home health business had a patient.  I battled a virus and that got annoying.  There was a nice artsy Tamil movie that I wanted to see and it has been whisked off; artsy does not last, action does.  That said, I am waiting for a movie called "Super Deluxe" to come out; it is directed by Thiagarajan Kumararaja, who directed the magnificent "Aaranya Kaandam," which won multiple awards.  It was a quirky, fun, Coen brothers/Tarantino-ish flick. 

The Banyan is fabulous.  Almost all my favorite patients were at Kovalam last week and I nearly took a photo.  One of them said she did not want the iron syrup as it was making her hungry.  She has the average undernourished look that some Indians have and I love the increased appetite - especially as her family has the food resources for it - but she does not.  Our able assistant and I chuckled as the lady gestured at how hungry she was - "I eat everything gabba gabba" - using both her hands for effect.  At the end of clinic, the nurse came in complaining of feeling feverish.  A check of her blood pressure revealed a slightly low number and I ordered IV fluids.  Truly, fluids can often make a difference. 

Adaikalam is also groovy.  One of our more talkative patients has discovered an activity that keeps her engaged and we are grateful: her non-stop chatter - literally, non-stop - would otherwise start in the morning and go on and on, preventing any meaningful work on anyone else's part.  She now has an activity sorting dhal (lentils) into paper cups and is engaged - hooray.  Our therapists are good sorts.  Another patient - actually, a college-mate of one of my aunts and a former college professor (to our nurse's amazement) - was visited by a few of her friends; they brought her clothes and sweets and she is happy.  Actually, she is probably the happiest of all her friends; I know for a fact that some of them have side issues that vex them.   

Scott's beloved aunt Anita died yesterday.  She had cancer, and it was an expected outcome, but we were saddened nonetheless.  She and her late husband, Norb, had a farm which hosted me many a time.  They were hospitable, fun and loving folks.  It would have been great to see her one last time; we did see her last May when we took her out for dinner for her 80th birthday.  Those were some fine memories.  She was in the care of Hospice; I hear it was a peaceful and pain-free demise, which is good.

We were at a craft show yesterday and bought jewellery from 2 ladies whom we have patronised before.  Scott has a phenomenon known as "kai rasi" - literally "hand luck" - which means that he draws paying customers to a vendor that he buys from.  These ladies affirmed it yesterday - they'd had good sales after Scott paid them last time for our purchase - and requested that we stop by their booth every time we see them.  Their wares are quite fine, so we stop. 

We hung out with the boys this morning and that was a fun fest.  They mentioned being grateful to have seen their grand aunt, Anita, at Christmas; she had a trans-generational appeal.  After her husband died, she sold us her car, which Navin now drives.  Lots of little links to a fine lady.

Hope you have a great week!

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