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Monday, August 20, 2012

Report of 20 August 2012

Good evening!

It has been a good week.  We finally felt like we had the evenings to ourselves (after the Olympics). 

Work has been nice, as always.  Today I had to send a patient back to the hospital because the bleed in her brain is bigger.  She had had a stroke on her left brain, affecting her right side, and then developed a bleed on the right side of her brain which has caused her left side to be weak.  Today, she got weaker on the left and on cat scan, the radiologist saw that the bleed was bigger and quickly called me.  I contacted the neurosurgeon and the emergency room (called "Casualty" in some countries), and then we transferred the patient.  She and her husband seemed nervous and unsettled, but I was pleased by the speed with which everything moved.  That is one of the joys of working here: so many things can be accomplished by phone and quickly.  Some year, I hope for the same with our impoverished patients in India and a couple of hospitals do help out magnificently in this regard; we are fortunate.

The weekend was good.  On Saturday, the men and I went to the in-laws' farm and stacked bales of hay.  The hay had been cut and baled, and needed to be stacked; Navin and I (Navin considerably more adroitly than I) lifted the bales off the wagon, 1 person loaded a conveyor belt and 2 people removed them at the top of the barn's loft.  It was good work and the weather was cool and breezy, and I quite enjoyed it.  We got to see other relatives after the work was done, and ate, drank and made merry.  We returned to Indy, saw "Part of me" - the Katy Perry movie.  I enjoyed it, and we ate out, then went to the magnificent Eagle Creek park and walked and walked in nature's grandeur; it was a spectacular evening.  The next day, we saw "The odd life of Timothy Green" and then got to Skype with Naren.  Both boys have cut their hair - of their own volition, unknown to each other and in the same week - and compared coifs.  The men and I then got ready for a dinner last night with dear friends Tabers, Rea-Soukups, Mallurs, Davis; some college student neighbors, and Navin's colleagues.  It was a quick meal but nice to get together with everyone.

I did not get to talk to my Dad over the weekend as we were running.  He was engrossed in the Olympics himself, the last time I called, and soon we will have the U.S. Open tennis tournament to enjoy.

Trust you have joys of your own daily and weekly.

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