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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Report of 29 July 2012

Hello from Olympics heaven!

We do not have a functional TV at home in Chennai, we have one here donated by my former attending (staff) physicians, eminent geriatricians, the Healeys.  We have sat here and watched some very cool competitions, including funky things like handball.  The best part I like is the multitude of athletes from various countries, all enjoying being at the competition, the respect shown to each other and the true spirit of sportsmanship often manifesting.

What has been difficult is the hour of broadcast - it is tough to stay awake late.  I managed to stay awake long enough to see India and the United States at the parade of nations, and was very pleased that Danny Boyle chose to portray the National Health Service (including actual doctors and nurses) as one of the accomplishments of the U.K.  He redeemed himself there for me, because the first part of the ceremonies seemed a bit chaotic.  Navin said he enjoyed all of it, and I should learn from the young.

Work has been fabulous.  One day, a patient took a turn for the worse; she was not my patient, but I was present and I could not in clear conscience say, "This is not my patient, I cannot run the code (direct the resuscitation attempt)."  So, I responded when the charge nurse came by announcing that the patient was sweaty and not quite herself, and went in.  Our team of nurses and techs responded magnificently, we stabilised the patient and sent her to the ER.  She ended up fine, with heartburn being pronounced as the reason for her severe chest pain.  The person in charge of the unit where I work is Dr. Angela Carbone and she is an extremely competent physician and very nice person, leading by example.  The rest of the staff - nurses and techs - are also efficient, and nice.  I am very fortunate in my colleagues here at RHI, and the Banyan; the benefit of working with good, nay grand, folks cannot be overstated.

Naren's girlfriend, Aishvarrya, sings in a band called "Staccato," and this band beat out hundreds of others and was selected to perform at the Olympics (not the opening ceremonies, but during the Games).  Aishvarrya and band have left India, and I am excited for them, that they accomplished this monumental achievement and will get to play at a prestigious venue.  I had sent her some clothes and makeup through Naren: not having a daughter, I had gone buck wild at the store, buying things for Aishvarrya.  On Friday, I got a very sweet note from her, thanking me warmly; that note made my day.  Today, we Skyped with Naren, which was nice, and I said to both boys that there must be a gender difference in appreciating: Aishvarrya's gratitude was warm and genuine, and the boys' is sometimes nonexistent.  Naren said male gratitude is often gruff, and women sound like they mean it.  It was a cool discussion.

Last week, our old friend, Kevin Kuhns, and we had lunch.  Kevin and I worked together in the computer field when Scott was a student at Purdue and we met up often with his family.  Kevin and Ramona are very devout folks, and I have been envious of their faith through thick and thin.  Kevin has done well in the IT world, has - expectedly - stayed the same wonderful person, and it was grand to catch up with him.

I got to talk to my Dad and that was nice.  He is also an avid sports fan, and was watching the Olympics when I called.  He asked about Aishvarrya's band, that he could not see them during the Opening Ceremonies, and I explained.

We were at the farm yesterday, ensuring that Scott's aunt and uncle were okay in the absence of Scott's Mom (she is on a cruise to Alaska with other family members).  Scott and Navin stacked bales of hay in the barn, I cooked an easy dinner in the crockpot and all of us got to talk some, too; it was a beautiful day outside and the farm looked lovely.  Scott's aunt and uncle are always appreciative of help, and unfailingly express it, and are very sweet; it was extremely easy and nice to do for them.  "Use labor when you have it," I told them, as we wrapped up chores and headed home.  It was a splendid day.  Navin said, "My pleasure," when Uncle Norb thanked him, and it was indeed his pleasure; we are fortunate in our sons.

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