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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Report of 5 Aug 2012

Good morning!

The volume on the TV is off, we are watching the powerful Williams sisters in their gold medal match for the women's doubles.  One young man is asleep, the other is up watching the match with me.  It is a joy to watch sporting events with Scott: he is so knowledgeable and full of helpful info on what to look for, whom to keep an eye on, etc.

A pox on NBC, however.  The women's 100 M was apparently run right after the men's 10,000 M, which was shown live.  The 100 M was not shown live, for reasons of ?  Scott said it was to ensure that the viewing public saw the umpteen commercials, stayed up for other events, etc.  This country is a bit perverse in its lack of respect for women's sports. 

My friend and one time hostess, Mary Beth Simon (whose warm and lovely home I have stayed in many a year), and I once discussed the Williams sisters.  Mary Beth likes the example they have set by their faith and lifestyle, and I agree.  Their closeness as siblings is also a joy to watch.

Work has been fabulous, as always.  We have a patient from my part of the world and a young interpreter is available to translate.  She is a delight, and is a dentist waiting to pass her exams and work here, in addition to interpreting in her spare time.  We have shared many a laugh on matters Indian and cultural, and speak of our distaste for those who would take advantage of the practice of providing excellent medical care here to all folks - brown, white, pink, insured, uninsured.  It is nice to meet unexpectedly delightful people, isn't it.  We also have a patient with a VAD (a Ventricular Assist Device), which is new technology for those with weak hearts that a pacemaker will not fix.  I went off to St. Vincent (my residency alma mater) and the good VAD nurse, Sandy, trained me on the device, which I greatly appreciate; it is nice to learn new material and apply it to take care of patients.

We have bought a used car: a firm favorite, the Honda Accord.  Our friend, Colleen Taber, has an excellent eye for detail and essential features in a car, and she kindly went with Scott to look over the car, help haggle (which she said later Scott did quite well on his own), etc.  The car is lovely, and has generated many a look.  I prefer a manual transmission, this one is automatic, but I can live with that.  The seat tends to lock in the reclined position, and I have had to stick my purse behind me in order to remain upright; interestingly, the mechanics have found nothing wrong with the seat, thinking the driver's seat was designed to only recline.  Again, I can live with this feature. 

I am going into mild withdrawal, not having seen a movie in weeks.  Navin watched "The Expendables" on his computer yesterday and I think I'll watch it today.  I cooked yesterday (Scott makes a very tasty salad during the week) and it was good to do that.  I have some easy Indian seasonings and, with the plethora of good meat available here, it is not difficult to churn out a meal. 

We were at the funeral of a friend's mother yesterday and it was therapeutic to hear the speeches.  The whole family is lovely, and it was soothing to share grief with all.  Mrs. J was Muslim, married to a Hindu, and the ceremony consisted of traditions from both faiths; it was very respectful and nice.

My running days are over, I think: my knee hurts too much.  I look at the athletes run on screen, and I am happy for them, that they are healthy and competitive.

I got to talk to my Dad, and it was a very short call as he was watching the games as well.  It was nice, though.  It is good to get along with one's family.

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