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Monday, September 21, 2009

Report of 21 Sept '09

Hello from my very warm living room in Chennai -

Lovely to be home. The flight back was uneventful - best thing one can ask for in a flight. I got upgraded, to my great delight, and slept horizontally; that is really the only thing I crave in an upgrade - the food is ok, I don't drink the alcohol, service is also fair, but the sleep, ah yes, the sleep, now that is welcome.

The 3 Weiss men were at the airport, such a wonderful sight, and Naren drove home. The 3 of them slept, I took a bit to get there, but slept nonetheless. We watched movies that I'd brought, then as the bodies returned to normal, we visited neighbors and our maids - with gifts from the foreign land.

This morning, I heard a groan and it pierced its way through several levels of unconsciousness. Naren had an upset stomach last night, and was in some agony in the wee hours of the morning. So I got up and tended to the child, and slept in the guest room, where he was. He appears to be better this morning. What I didn't know was that he had thrown up late last night, Navin had heard him and awakened his father; so much for piercing levels of unconsciousness. :) It is nice to be close, anyway, to medicate as needed; when I was in the U.S. and got news that the boys were ill, concentration would be seriously impacted.

There were some fine interactions before I left: Cindy and Barb, new friends from the Y, took me out for dinner and that was fun, to get some "woman" time. Colleen and I finished sorting through the mess of things I had to take back. I got to talk to dear friends, Geetha, Mala and Aurora, before I left, and this was extremely therapeutic and great salve for the soul. I also got to visit with Kurt and Cindy Smith, former neighbors, and took a walk with Cindy, which was nice. Sid, a spinning instructor and good friend, had been ill and I stopped to see him and we chatted about several matters; Sid is very engaging and good fun to talk to. I got to meet with Kurt Broderick, who handed me a hefty check for the Banyan, and that was extremely nice. I also got to say farewell to Dr. Love, whose clinical skills and sense of perspective I have long admired and learnt from; the 15-minute meeting was a treat. I stopped to say bye to Kris and Gabe, and Kris had some welcome medicine samples for me, which was so kind. One of the Regional Practice Administrators, Ryan, took me out for a farewell lunch, and the food was delicious. When we returned to the office, I found colleagues waiting with a gift: a huge bag of chocolate! It was wonderful - all the family favorites - and I was very touched. The next day, my last at a different practice and with St. V, my colleagues had cake and ice cream, which was great: I had 2 helpings and am not normally a cake and ice cream fan. Several spinning instructors played my favorite songs on the last days of my classes, and Sid and Betsy made CD's of some pounding 80's rock and roll; I listen to them here and enjoy them. Carolyn Scanlan drove me to Chicago, we visited her parents, LuBea and Earl, en route and that was totally lovely; I felt like the Scanlans' 2 daughters were visiting them, as Carolyn and I ate brunch made by LuBea and received some unbridled affection. I was very fortunate to meet up with Ruth Stevens, the former CEO of one of the clinics I had worked for, at O'Hare; we had attempted to arrange this and I felt fortunate that it had worked out. Ruth is a person of powerful intellect and outstanding vision, not to mention a great sense of humor, and I enjoyed the chat.

"Queen" is playing on our CD player. I bought the CD set for Scott, personally I am a little taken with Freddie Mercury after discovering he is Indian (original name - Farrokh Bulsara). We have watched many movies, and it feels wonderful to be home.

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