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Monday, July 13, 2009

Report of 13 July '09

Hello from near the window as I watch a bird forage for worms -

It is rather nice to see the wildlife at play here. The other day, the bird did catch a worm; hard to believe the pretty avians are so intensely carnivorous.

Work is ok. I saw a delightful lady last week with a cough and sore throat. Incidentally, her blood pressure had been high the last 3 visits and I had to treat it: conditions ignored in the African-American populace can have catastrophic results. So I did, and then we got to talking; she is a teacher, about 20 years older than I. She has a Master's degree and I was full of admiration for the fact that she went to college at a difficult time, managed to get a couple of degrees and is very gainfully employed. Her daughter is an attorney in this town - clearly, the importance of education was passed down - and I talked to her (the daughter) a bit, with the patient's permission, about the visit that day. It was nice to see the daughter's concern.

I started tap dancing classes. There is a reason you don't see fat tap dancers. Aiya - the amount of heart-pounding a practice session generates must be seen, or panted through, to be believed.

A couple of fine times this week: I got together for dinner with former professors, Diane and Pat Healey and their children. Val Bruemmer, another former professor, joined us. The evening was perfect - excellent company, salad, fish, fruit and chocolate. I also partook of Port, and it was good. What I enjoyed the most was sitting in a screened-in room on a summer evening, talking about the profession and about parenting teenagers in a very therapeutic gathering. I also got to see Mary Remster for breakfast yesterday. Mary and I had volunteered for Special Olympics many years ago, and her husband, also our friend, Sam, died last year. Mary is a wonderfully gregarious sort, and keeps herself active by swimming and volunteering with mentally disabled adults. It was a nice morning. Carolyn Scanlan graciously surrendered her kitchen to me and I cooked a vat of Indian food for some wonderful friends, among whom were Kris Rea and Gabe Soukup, Cindy Ching, Natalie and Rob Manges, Mandy and John Sparzo, Sofiya Inger, and Marina Martinez and her family. It was a nice evening.

I saw "The Proposal" for want of anything better ("Bruno" didn't do it) and it was unexpectedly good. In what my friend Kris calls "shmoopy" movies, the supporting cast has to hold up and here they did, complementing the lead pair's strong performances very well. I also got to talk to the family and was surprised at the amount I laughed at things they said. The 3 Weiss men are doing well, which is a great blessing.

Along the way, I ate a fair amount of chocolate. And salad. They probably cancel each other out.

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