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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Report of 13 Sept '09

Hello from the Carmel library -

This is a nice place to unwind and hang out. I ate lunch outside and am set to spend a few hours here - so lovely.

50 lbs is not very much at all. That's my luggage limit per bag on international travel and I have repacked today, wondering what the heck I have that's causing my luggage to weigh so much. There's some chocolate, not much, because it's very heavy; my clothes; some shoes (again, not many due to the staggering weight); some clothes for my nieces, and that's that. Quel weirdness. The rule used to be 2 bags of a certain dimension with no weight limits, and that was lovely, because we used to cram our duffel bags full of things.

The cosmos aligns itself for departure. A couple came in, wanting narcotics, and the man decided after my questions that he'd rather see my colleague and get the narcotics there, which suited me fine; my astute nurse practitioner colleague then noticed that the patients had gone to another clinic a few weeks prior, wanting the same drugs. This violated their "narcotics contract" and the couple was fired from our clinic. The man came in the other day to pick up his wife's smoking cessation prescription (I will gladly write that for all), and if looks could kill, I'd be in a mahogany box by now.

But then such types are followed by those who are sweet and nice, and genuinely appreciative of what I try to do for them. This is what memories are made of.

Some fine interactions since the last blog. I stopped by the Rea-Soukup house and made plans to spend much of Labor Day weekend there; they were to be out of town. Olivia Fondoble came in to Indy on Saturday evening. We saw Maryam Massoumi (our former prof) on Sunday, and that was great fun. Maryam was fasting for Ramzan, but graciously served us food. We caught up with Cindy Ching and her lovely family over pizza, where Rich Bastian joined us. Cindy's husband, Dixon, most considerately watched their kids while all 4 of us talked shop. It was a fun time. It is nice to get together with good friends, eat, talk and laugh. Olivia left on Monday morning and I was back at the Rea-Soukup house, watching movies.

I got to talk to a college friend, Mala, and that was extremely therapeutic. Mala and I have known each other since we were 15 (at a one-year pre-university course) and there is an instant settling in to familiar chemistry, chatter, family updates, advice, and plenty of laughter. I have been a bit rattled by the combative relative I have spoken of, and Mala put much of it in perspective for me. She is a dear.

I moved out of the lovely home of the Simons to the equally friendly home of the Tabers. It is where I start and end my sojourns in the U.S., and is a great place.

Olivia and I saw "Transformers," and it was a bit of a laugh fest, with distracted wonderings such as "Why didn't Megan Fox's white pants get dirty as she ran and fell all over the desert?" and "Who runs in such an outfit?" Colleen and I did some massive shopping yesterday, and I was grateful because I need someone to keep me focused; usually about half an hour into the shopping, my head gets full and I want to leave for a bookstore. However, with Colleen's help, we managed to whittle the list. She and I saw "Post Grad," which was good; always nice to see the oldies and goldies like Carol Burnett in a feature film. Rodrigo Santoro was a nice eyeful, and so we enjoyed the flick before meeting the Taber men for a fun and relaxed dinner.

I spoke to the Weiss men today and that was lovely. Soon, I will be home with them, talking of the young men's love interests, Scott's job and keeping up with the in-laws (which he does very well, my mother said, stating that he always sounds so happy), my time here and lessons learned from this summer. I know at least one child's grades are in the drain, and have tried not to nag; let's see how long that exercise lasts. My New Year's resolution this year was to keep my mouth shut; as many of you know, this is a thunderously difficult activity for me. :)

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