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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Report of 22 Aug '09

Hello from the library -

It's so nice that such a place exists. All the books, magazines, Internet - free.

Things have got busier in the patient-seeing department, and I appreciate that. We had a lady in, complaining of leg pain. She works 7 days a week, waitressing, and has raised 2 kids (almost single-handedly) whom she is proud of. Her dream has been to own a house and she is about to. The leg pain is disabling and I aim to get to the root of it, thus have ordered an MRI. Almost everyone on this blog list knows of my aversion to narcotic pain meds, but I prescribed them this time as it seemed like this lady needed them. This patient smokes a lot; I mentioned my (perceived) colossal accommodation of the narcotics and said that she must, in return, stop smoking. She said she'd give it an honest effort. She then asked if I was a temporary doc, and I smiled and said yes; she was irate, asking why their docs were temporary. I told her what I do the rest of the year and she simmered down. I want to find the cause of her pain before I head off; let's see if the plan comes to fruition.

I saw "The Time Traveler's Wife," having finished the book, and enjoyed both the book and the movie. I did not know until 2 days ago that Eric Bana is Australian. I am impressed with these Aussie types that get to Hollywood and fall quite easily into the American accent: Russell Crowe, Guy Pierce, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, and now Eric Bana. I think the American accent is difficult to adopt without sounding ridiculous or having lived here for years or getting sound practice like the actors, and I commend these folks. I also saw "The Goods;" had the poster been visibly displayed, announcing it to be a Will Ferrell movie, I would not have gone. Ving Rhames is the name that drew me. It was, as the review said, "a vulgar comedy." Today, I saw "Inglorious Basterds." It was excellent - my respect for Mr. Pitt has increased after seeing his comedic talents. Like Marilyn Monroe, his are extraordinarily good. Quentin Tarantino is a fan of blood and gore, and there is plenty of that; there is also a heap of excellent acting and the cinematography is breathtaking.

I have moved out of the warm, loving home of Kris Rea and Gabe Soukup to the warm and loving home of MaryBeth and Andrew Simon. The Simons are good folks, and their daughters, Miranda and Morgan, like the Soukup girls, also go out of the way to make me feel at home. We are truly privileged in our friends.

Some fine interactions last week: I was at a party at the Rea-Soukup residence and got to see Carolyn Scanlan, Will Craighead and new friends Traci and Sid Norton, and Joe Macko. It was a fun evening. Olivia Fondoble sent me a giant package of clothes and goodies, and I enjoyed diving into it. Eve Swiacki and her sister, Denise, also sent packages and those were lovely, too. I am almost completely outfitted in Olivia Fondoble today, as I am sometimes outfitted in Carol Dixon, or Eve Swiacki, or Denise Carroll. It is nice to get hand-me-ups or -downs.

I phoned home and talked to the men. Chaos reigns there. Sigh. A big dream is for the chaos to subside before I get there; Naren and Navin know the wrath of Khan (me) and will do much in their power to ensure there is a small honeymoon period after my return, before the chaos overflows. Upbringing counts for much in how a young man/woman will run a household, doesn't it, and I hope that one day these 2 are the sorts of husbands their wives will cherish. (Both boys' educational institutions were closed due to swine flu, and both were enjoying the time off.)

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