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Monday, July 27, 2009

Report of 27 July '09

Hello from Indy!

This is a new format, where I don't send out an email telling all that there is a new post. Sending an email is not at all difficult for me to do, and the only reason for not doing it is to reduce clutter in *your* inbox, not my workload. If you want an announcement, I will gladly send you one; several friends have asked already.

So life in the world of locums is alright. On slow days, I get to read a bit, and today I read a case in the New England Journal of Medicine, considerately saved for me by Dr. Love at St. V. It was of a 23 year old from South Africa, visiting here, came to the ER for fever and headache, etc., and within a matter of days, died. Diagnosis: herpes. He had been seen going out with a female companion from a nightclub, and she'd looked like she had a blister near her mouth; presumably, they had kissed, and this was the result. Alarming. As much as we caution our young uns, and old uns, about unsafe sex, apparently kissing is also out now.

I am to change locations of practice and head to rural Indiana this week. Last week was an introductory visit, and I saw a couple bring their 8 yo, diagnosed with ADHD, in to the doctor. The mother proceeded to give a list of complaints about the child while the child sat silently; I could understand the mother's frustration, especially as she homeschools all 3 children, and I could completely sympathize with the child. A revolutionary movie in India portrayed dyslexia very well in a film called "Taare Zameen Par" ("Stars on the ground"). See it if you can get it subtitled; it was made by a star called Aamir Khan, and he has done a very good job. The actor playing the little child, Darsheel, is magnificent and brilliantly depicts the dyslexic boy who is characterized as stupid and belligerent. I saw it on the plane and liked it.

I rounded with Dr. Love last week and that was good. Nice to have the finer points of medicine pointed out by an astute clinician.

Some fine times last week: I spent Saturday night at the home of Mandy and John Sparzo, and their children. The adults went out for dinner, and then for a long walk, and all of it was good. We even got to hear a band play in the park, and they were not bad at all. It was a mighty therapeutic visit for me. I also got my Tap Dance lesson in: everything's alright with the world when one can dance. Traci, my instructor, teaches inner city kids and is extremely reasonably-priced, teaching dance because she loves it. I drove to Cincinnati for a very enjoyable Weiss-side family reunion, and then to the farm to see visiting cousins Jeff and Anne. All in all, a fun weekend.

The home of Kris and Gabe continues to be lovely, replete with 4 yo Isabella yelling, "RENU! I want to give you a hug," and 2 yo Rosalia, who normally repeats most things her sister says, not repeating this particular phrase :). The girls are very bright and I have enjoyed watching them.

The 3 Weiss men are well, and I talked to them last week. Navin was impressed with the tap dancing, likely because he hasn't seen me dance yet. When I told the men I was headed to a reunion with in-laws, Naren said, "Good luck with that," which I found sweet and funny. The same relative in India had another melt-down, and Scott has dealt with it ably.

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