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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Report of 31 March 2018

It's paratyphoid, similar to typhoid.  That's the diagnosis and I am on hefty antibiotics.  This is really honking me off - the fever, chills, malaise.  We went off to Kovalam this morning after I spent a night shivering and being completely unable to get warm enough; it was my young assistant Keerthana's day off, but she sweetly came and started iv fluids on me.  I haven't had them in recent memory, we squirted some IV Acetaminophen/Paracetamol in the fluid and it was a wonder drug.  Several people at Kovalam filtered in to see me and see how I was: I found that very, very kind.  After the IV fluid was finished, Keerthana graciously brought me breakfast - pongal, a rice dish with dhal and some pepper,  It is a safe food and I was relieved to get my appetite back.  I do not at all enjoy being too sick to eat.

Scott and I headed off and ran some errands today.  He is a tad unwell himself, with a booming cough.  We stopped by the Ayurveda store and the gentleman there prescribed 2 powders, to be mixed with honey, for the cough; the result has been almost instantaneous.  Truly, there are so many great systems of medicine in our land, which do the job when allopathy does not. 

We were in Madurai earlier this week.  I leave next week for the U.S. and we wanted to see my Dad before that.  It was a fun trip; we stayed put, ate and drank and were merry, and Scott gave my Dad smartphone lessons.  Scott is very much a part of this family, and rolls nicely with all matters.  I was privileged to see a dear friend, Mrs. Leila Kurien; she is of my parents' generation and we unfailingly have a chuckle when we meet.  This time, it was about Scott stopping by my private practice clinic and sending everyone there into a tizzy; they took selfies with him and - as I told Mrs. Kurien - in my 2 years there, nobody has asked to take a selfie with me.  :)  Let's hear it for the handsome Caucasian.

I did not go to the other Banyan this week; we did have our colossal clinic at Kovalam and that was good.  A young son of one of the patients came to sit with me and learn some medicine; that was fun.  I love it when young people show initiative.  Private practice is also fine.  I had to diagnose a young lady with typhoid and there was no doubt at all on the blood tests.  I had to tell her what I now practice: safe foods, no eating out, plenty of yogurt, etc. 

We Skyped with both boys today and - as I told my sister, Anu - that was panacea. 

May you have many fine times!

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