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Friday, January 26, 2018

Report of 26 Jan 2018

Hello from our sitting room -

The sea is visible, on our balcony table are a couple of drawers [from our dresser] that Scott uses and is to clean out, and I am blogging.  There is a game of cricket on downstairs and the whack of the ball + cheers are occasionally heard. 

Both boys are back to their lives elsewhere and that is good, overall.  We miss them, of course, and I was particularly happy to walk by their room in the mornings and see them asleep: our house, our sons, our family.  We did a lot of talking when they were here and it was - as always - wonderful.  The joy of raising boys - these 2, at any rate - is that all the issues are on the table.  My teenage hormone-laden fights with my parents were silent, dour, lengthy dramas.

Navin returned from Japan last week and we made a quick trip to Madurai so that he could take leave of my Dad and have the spirit of his late Grandmother be with him as he embarked stateside.  We had a good visit; the ladies who help my father's household have seen both our sons as pre-teens and Navin took leave of them as well.  We then attended the wedding of one of Navin's friends; it is always a joy for me to be included in these ceremonies, like one of our own children getting married.  Zaineb married Visvesh, crossing lines of faith and it was a beautiful evening, with good friends, our children's soulmates and excellent food.  Zaineb's parents made sure we felt welcome - very lovely. 

The Banyan is nice.  Vandana, one of the 2 founders, won a prestigious international award - please Google and you will get all the details.  Vandana and Vaishnavi have tirelessly crusaded for the mentally ill and the Banyan will be 25 years old this year.  Vaishnavi now works for disability rights and we are sure that cause will also go far. 

I was back at the B this week after holidays for Pongal.  Navin was leaving on Monday night, so I told the staff to finish accepting patients earlier in the day, and we saw many patients by the time I left at 11.15 AM: staff support was excellent and we clipped through.  As I have said before, patients with high blood pressure only need to be evaluated once a year; at our clinic, these folks come every week.  They are treated with great respect by my colleagues and catch up with each other in the waiting area, as most of them are from Kovalam or nearby villages; thus a little socialising, a little medicining - all good.  Some do come from far away and I am perennially impressed at that. 

I got home to find Navin still asleep :) and then he woke up, and together, we settled a giant mess with his airline ticket.

Private practice is also fine.  It is nice to practise medicine, it is a privilege to be in this profession.

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