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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Report of 25 March 2018

Hello from our balcony!

The sea is a grey haze, the sky is partly blue, our laundry is drying here, people are splooshing in the pool and the cricket game downstairs is in full swing.  The Australian cricket captain has resigned after colluding to tamper with the ball.  Strange things happen in the world of sport.  My sports authority husband told me what several players echoed, that tampering likely would not have happened without the knowledge of the captain and coach.

I diagnosed myself with pneumonia.  Scott had to position the diaphragm (listening part) of the stethoscope on my back and move it around as I took big breaths; my lungs sounded junky and I put myself on an antibiotic.  This illness is slow to leave: I am still intensely fatigued, no longer beat the alarm when waking up and cannot take the stairs as I normally do.  We took ourselves off to SMF Hospital yesterday and a senior physician examined me; she felt that this is the normal aftermath of a pneumonia and I am now taking calcium and vitamins.  On many days, the bed has been a very attractive alternative to work.

The lady we rescued last week has since tried to run away.  The psychiatrist will review her, social workers will swing into action and try to locate the family.  As this is a family blog, I must use discreet language and let you know that she pinched my backside as I walked by: as I whirled around, she let out a hearty peal of laughter.  Sigh, sigh.  I do not like being touched unwarrantedly by either gender and told her to stop.  The mentally ill and the mentally challenged likely do not fully understand what they do.

Private practice is okay.  In my unwell state, patience is nonexistent.  The other day, relatives of a patient said her husband overseas had asked why she was taking so long to recover.  In India, indirect speech is rife and this question sometimes means the doctor ain't competent.  I felt my eyes blaze and let everybody there have it; I said - not gently - that they could take the patient elsewhere, that her many years of not taking medications as prescribed should have been addressed by her and them, and that I had less-literate patients who did exactly as I told them and recovered beautifully.  One of the relatives apparently asked our front office staff for a feedback form and I told them to ensure that she got at least 10 forms; she could unleash whatever she wanted.  The patient herself appeared to be happy with the care.  I alerted my boss about this episode and he considered it routine, nothing to worry about; I laughed out loud when I read his reply.  Nice.   

We Skyped with 1 boy today, our older son, and that was so good.  He mentioned teaching a class full of elementary students of color, and that they used phrases such as "I'd like to add on to what she said."  This thrilled all of us; it is lovely when little people are on the right track.  We hope to Skype with our younger son on the morrow.

Vandana is in the U.S. getting an award (after zillions of awards, said her co-founder, Vaishnavi) and we are pleased.  The joy of working for ethical folks cannot be understated.

I spoke to my father 2 days ago and he is well.  We hope to see him soon.

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