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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Report of 15 Oct 2017

Good evening from the world indoors!

I am late getting to this, because I went off to swim and then cooked my husband dinner.  He rather likes pasta and I made it.  I enjoy cooking immensely; it is always easy in the U.S.

We are well.  The Banyan is wonderful.  I was very sick this week, but heard that one of my beloved patients, Ms. X, had a urinary infection, and went to work.  She is mentally challenged and is hard to understand, but is unabashedly fun and always immensely considerate: "You eat, then I will," etc.  She had not been herself, and we checked bloodwork and urine, and lo and behold, there it was.  So I hauled myself in to the B, started the antibiotic, checked a billion other patients and left.  The kind folks in the kitchen made me ginger tea, which is a spectacularly delicious milky concoction with tea, ginger, pepper and a vat of sugar.  I felt better after that, and infintely grateful for this wonderful pampering/consideration. 

I did manage to get to my private practice and saw a patient who had attempted suicide.  She was about my age, and it was unclear whether she had consumed ant poison or rat poison.  The 2 are managed differently, and I asked the son which it was; he stepped up to the bedside and barked, "So which did you ingest?!!!"  My word; I asked him why he was threatening his mother and he apologised.  I referred them for counselling and left, feeling grateful that the 3 Weiss men would not treat me that way.

Speaking of which, we Skyped with both boys today and that was fun.  Both talk a lot and share a lot, and the adult Weiss men are a treat.  As were the younger Weiss men, of course, it is just nice now to not have teenage hormones flaring.  A young female colleague at the Banyan stated that she had skipped dinner the previous night as she'd had a fight with the family; I asked whom that had affected the most, she acknowledged it was herself, and I went on to speak of "The joys of boys," who fought until the next meal, and all was well as we ate together.  Nice.  Uncomplicated.

Scott and I drove to Madurai and visited my father.  I had a medical issue to discuss with him, and discuss we did.  We also ate, and reminisced, and laughed.  It was a nice visit and I returned, rejuvenated.

May you have refreshing times of your own.

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