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Friday, November 25, 2016

Report of 25 Nov 2016

Good afternoon from the medical world!

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S. and all who celebrate it.

I am now employed as a doctor in a hospital apart from the Banyan.  It is nice, and the folks who run it are good, ethical and fun colleagues.  Swaram Hospital is near our house - a big plus - and has outstanding staff.  The Banyan will always be a part of my life and its focus is mental health; Swaram's is physical health, also done very well.

The Banyan is grand, as always.  I was alone this week at Kovalam, the resident from SMF having other commitments.  We had lots of patients that day, including young college students who had come to the beach; one had fallen and cut his chin, and we tended to it.  It was nice to have young people in our midst and when they asked for the bill, I said there was no charge, that we were an ngo (non-governmental organisation) and that the young 'uns could bring fruit or sweets for our patients the next time they visited.

Our other facility, Adaikalam, was also grand with lots of teaching.  One of the health care workers (hcw) had asked me to speak on food groups, which ingredients were in certain foods, their benefits, etc., and class was grand fun.  When I went down the list of what not to eat, the hcw who had asked for the lecture stated she was getting more despondent as all her favorite foods (cake, biscuits, chips, pickle) were on the list.  It was hilarious.

Scott is well, and envious of my student populace who are markedly more interested, apparently, than his are.  Our sons are fine, and with good people for the gorge-day: my cousin, Prita, and her family are hosting Naren, and my sister-in-law, Diane, and her family are hosting Navin.  I am glad the boys will be with warm, loving people.

We saw "Fantastic Beasts ..." with excellent service from the theater staff at Sathyam; regretfully, Eddie Redmayne appears to have only one expression across movies.  I was impressed with Dan Fogler and hope to see more of him.  I do wish some good Tamil movies would come out; I greatly enjoy those.

Hope you folks have a great week!

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