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Friday, October 16, 2015

Report of 16 Oct 2015

Good evening from the Terre Haute library!

Nice place, this.  I am exhausted - very little sleep last night.  Cell phone messages pinging, other noises.  I am a huge fan of sleep, and don't really subscribe to the "Hey, I can coast on 5 hours sleep every night."  Yeow, no.  8.  7 if I must.

I have finished work.  We leave for India on 20 October.  The week has been good, with patients with heart attacks that they have survived.  And the patients continue to smoke.  Very mysterious, but the addiction is firm, isn't it.  Literally a death grip on the person.  I think that any day, nicotine is more dangerous than marijuana; young Indians experiment with marijuana, but Scott tells me the danger here is that marijuana leads to cocaine and other vile drugs.  Those are not readily available in India, so we don't often have people keeling over from cocaine, crack and methamphetamine use.  Rave parties are becoming more popular, and are annoying.

The nursing staff and I have shared a couple of meals together.  It is very lovely to sit and eat, and talk and laugh.  At the Banyan, we do this regularly as free food is offered to all.  A one-time CEO tried to cut this benefit in an attempt to curb costs, and thankfully, it survived the cut.  I love eating other people's cooking, so eat there regularly.

Scott's mother fell, injured her head and fractured a backbone; Scott went to Cincinnati and stayed near his mother until she was transferred to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).  We were to see his mother, aunt and uncle this weekend, and had to change our plans.  I wish his Mom a speedy recovery.  Age brings all sorts of adventures.

Next blog likely from India.  I hope all of you are well.  I mean that sincerely.

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