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Friday, August 28, 2015

Report of 28 August 2015

Well, I am very hungry - we are to head to an Indian buffet for lunch.  Thusly, this post may be more succinct than originally intended :).

We are at Terre Haute's library.  It is a sweet little place, as is all of TH.  Previously, we used to blow into town, see Navin for about 20 minutes or so that he could spare, snarf a meal at Taco Bell and blow out.  This summer, we live here and like it.

Work has been great.  I had a patient with Down Syndrome and raging pneumonia.  The joy of the Banyan is the way it has equipped me to deal with folks with special needs and mental illness.  I found this patient delightful, admitted him and then had a few days off; I did ask a lung specialist (a "pulmonologist") to see him as I was concerned about the repeated attacks of pneumonia.  Down Syndrome sometimes produces heart problems; I wanted to watch out for lung issues.

We had some dear, dear friends visit us from Chennai.  Joan is a classmate from 15 year old days, her husband Mohanraj is a fine person and their first-born, Patricia, is an absolutely stellar young lady.  Patricia is engaged to a young man in Evansville, Tim, and they came to see him, this match having been arranged online.  We met everyone 5 days later in Evansville, and brought Joan, Mohanraj and Patricia back with us.  Tim joined us for dinner before we left and we had a wonderful time, being privileged to meet him before the rest of the extended family did; he is a nice, intelligent, personable young man.  

J, M and P, Scott and I went to the farm for a day, hung out, ate and laughed and talked and walked - all de rigueur at the farm.  We came back to Terre Haute, and the guests left the next day.  It was wonderfully invigorating to have friends visit.

I spoke to my Dad today and that was lovely; we discussed medicine and surgery, and family.  It was a gentle, fun conversation.

Naren arrives tonight for about 3 days.  We will wander and eat and see movies.  "Eating" figures quite prominently in my life.

Hope all of you are well!

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