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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Report of 24 May 2014

Good morning!

I am in Carmel library and my stomach is rumbling.  I ate a good b'fast - muesli with a banana - and am hungry for lunch.

We are well, and in Lebanon.  It's a sweet place, small and quaint.  The folks are friendly and we will try local restaurants soon.  There's a 91 yo neighbor who rides a tricycle with "Hardly Davidson" and "Power by Scotch" on the back.  She's great!  Does not look 91 and Navin felt she moved with more speed than a 91 yo would have.  We visited the Donaldson's chocolate shop, which is based right here in Lebanon, and bought more than we should have.  Ah well - nothing like supporting the local economy.

It has been a week of getting several errands done and journals gathered from a professor who saves them for me.  I got to talk to Scott multiple times, and things are fine (and hot!) in Chennai.  Naren is preparing for his play, having completed his first year of graduate school in Acting.  Navin is working in retail, and keeping up with hs friends and contacts. 

I saw a bunch of movies, including "Million Dollar Arm," which is set in India, and "Belle."  Earlier this week, I had dinner with Louise Hass, the former librarian from St. Vincent.  That was the wonderful event it always is, and we talked ad infinitum.  Louise holds a degree in English, and is articulate, widely-travelled, fun and opinionated.  The time flies when we meet.  This time, we had Greek food and it was tasty.  We will likely go to this restaurant again.  Louise had also brought sweet treats for us (Navin and me) and they are delicious!  We even showed them to Scott on Skype and will likely save him 1 or 2. 

It is nice to be in a country where basic amenities are provided to all.  I love being in India, also, don't get me wrong; however, being in an affluent country is also a joy.

Trust all of you are well.

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