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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Report of 28 Oct 2012

Good afternoon from breezy Chennai!

There are clothes drying on our balcony, I have just eaten lunch and a sapota, and am trying to figure out what's up with this fever.  Leptospirosis and dengue are afoot here, yesterday the Banyan's nurse phoned with her personal lepto report and I am trying rabidly to figure out how best to improve the Banyan's hygiene.

So I have stayed home this week, but have had my share of patients.  The daughter of a good friend is home from college in Delhi; there are holidays now and this young lady is also sick.  A dengue test is positive, but it is a mild attack, thank goodness.  On my way back from seeing her (so like a daughter), a member of our apartment complex's housekeeping staff stopped me: she has had her cataract operation successfully done and wanted to speak of it.  I had urged completion of the surgery earlier, but she had had no money and subsequently saved enough for some.  This exhausts me: that my patients don't have cash.  I did not have to worry about this overseas, where I could order tests and surgery at will, and somebody else worried about the costs.  It appeared to make this lady happy to discuss her surgery and I was also glad everything had gone well.

It's not fun to be sick, is it now.  Even less fun if you're part of my family - I whine and carry on considerably and am not the dignified, quiet invalid that Scott is. 

We went out for b'fast a couple of days ago as I felt a bit better.  It was an upmarket restaurant serving sausage and eggs, and I was happy to go.  The food was cold and I complained.  I say good things as well when the service and food are fine.  There were good-looking young men in muscle shirts walking about - ostensibly part of the wait staff - and I found this hilarious, that the restaurant had to resort to eye candy perhaps to atone for their food.  Clearly, at age 49, I am out of the market that said muscle-bound Adonises cater to: I was there for the food.

I talked to my Dad briefly yesterday and he was at a meeting.  He is very active, and I am pleased about that.  Navin and we Skyped this morning and there was plenty of humor and candor; it is always nice to see our sons laugh and smile.  Naren is in rehearsals for a play and we see him between activities; it is great to talk to him, too.

That I see family when I want - this is truly a giant blessing.

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