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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Report of 22 Sept 2008

Hello from the B -

There is a dog sleeping near me. V and V are huge dog fans, and dogs are allowed free access in all our Banyan facilities.

The week has been ok. My father visited the B last week as he had an extra day in Chennai, having finished his work a day early. He stated vaguely that he'd like to try for an earlier train, which implied that Scott and I would have to do the booking, and as trains get sold out 3-4 weeks in advance in our overpopulated country, there was no prayer of our trying any such stunts. So we stayed put, and my Dad came to the B (most reluctantly). He saw a couple of patients, including one who was off her psychiatric meds for a bit and voluntarily contracted her feet and fingers so much they are now abnormally bent. She is a postgraduate in history, and when my father heard that, he appeared to have new zeal in trying to heal her.

Ms. M, also in the sick room, came up when she saw my Dad. She was abandoned by her husband long ago, due to her mental illness. He is a lawyer, and the B went after him with claws unsheathed, suing for support. He agreed to pay, and Ms. M gets Rs. 950 a month. It is not a lordly amount, but is more than zero, which our other residents get. Ms. M had bought 2 apples with her own cash, and gave my father 1. I was extremely touched by this gesture - it is often those that have precious little that will share open-heartedly - and we ate the apple that night. My mother continues to state I must make money, blah blah; well, I do make it. And I help, along with several good doctors, heal those whom some doctors would not have in their exam room.

We went to breakfast yesterday with my nephew, Sudhir, and it was fabulous. I love Western breakfast - sausage, eggs, fruit, juice. We overate, of course, and came home. On our return, we got a call from a neighbor that there was a mentally ill woman outside the wall of the apartment complex. I called the Banyan's rescue team and they came over. The woman was most reluctant to go with the team and Naren and Sudhir helped her into the van (Navin was being tutored). It is good for the boys to do things like this - so that they become aware of the need to share at least one's labor with the less-privileged.

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