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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Report of 7 Aug '08

And the cosmos realigns itself -

I'd told you about feeling a mite sorry to leave, correct? I requested a slightly light schedule at the clinic for my final day, and didn't get it. I was even double-booked and I thought, as I harriedly and hurriedly wound up affairs, and hastened to get the rental car returned, that this was fabulous: I was quite okay with leaving.

What is it with smoking? I've had patients whine to me about not being able to afford their diabetic testing supplies ($80 per month) and when they open their mouths for me to check their throats, the smell of cigarette smoke comes wafting out. That habit is $120 a month. A patient told me, when I drew the comparison, that smoking was her saving crutch, and I told her exactly what cigarette smoke does, and it ain't quite "saving."

Also, what is it with patients who think if they demand something enough, I'll cave in? One of my patients had a form with her for food stamps, and a physician had to certify that the patient could not work. This was my first visit with the patient, indeed her first time at our clinic, and she stated that I did not need to do anything other than sign the form; she repeatedly stated, "I know I cannot work, and they just need to know that, all you have to do is sign the form." When I stated that we needed her old records in order to verify what exactly her disability was, she stated that "they" had told her I did not need any of that, I just needed to affix my signature. "They" are referred to a lot in my practice; "they" prescribe Lortab, "they" give Xanax, "they" don't need paperwork scrutinised. I used to respect what "they" did, i.e., if another physician had given the patient Lortab, perhaps it was warranted; then I discovered that patients lie.

Some fun times last week. Colleen and I finished off my dreaded shopping, and she is the perfect person to do it with; I nearly gave up after 5 minutes at Target, and she kept me focused. We caught up with the Mallurs, who gifted me a very nice suitcase for my travels, and saw the baby Surya and his big sister, Keerthi. I had dinner with Kris and Gabe, and that was tremendously good fun; Kris also had some goodies for the Banyan for me to take. It was a big privilege for me to get together with Boni Hypes, Tami Horkay and Ruth Ranalletta, whom I know from Medical Education at St. Vincent. We had dinner together, a very fun time with lots of laughter, and I was given lots of clothes and gifts for my niece and me. These are wonderful folks. I was privileged also to get a package from Carol Dixon, my friend from 10-year-old days, who sent clothes for my niece and me, and something for my entire family. It was a big treat! Folks from 10-yo-days do tend to know us and indulge us, do they not. I had dinner with the CEO of the clinic yesterday, and that was a memorable evening. This morning, I had the chance to meet with my mentor and advisor, Dr. Robert Love, and that was therapeutic; he has good advice for me, usually, and I discussed many things with him.

So let me wind up and finish laundry. Next blog from Chennai, India - my life, my home, my love.

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