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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Report of 17 July '08

Hello from this wonderful place, the Carmel library -

I have a day off today and couldn't wait to get here. It is wonderful to have a day off during the week: I caught up with some former colleagues at Citizens Health Center, a great place to work, and shopped briefly at the $1 store (one of my favorite places), and went to the bank. I had a question about our account, and the bank manager said we had a high rate checking account - it pays 0.5%. I smiled only to keep from laughing out loud, and asked the man if that was considered a high rate; he stated yes (savings pays 0.25%).

A delightful patient came to see me this week. She is over 70, lost her husband 11 years ago, and lives alone, no children. Her sister also lives in Kokomo, as do sundry relatives, but this lady said she did not want to bother anyone for her needs as everyone had lives. That was sweet, I thought. She had fallen and hurt her leg, and I sent her for an xray - an ankle bone was broken, and then she went up to the ER for the orthopedic surgeon to see her. What does a person living alone, and getting more frail, do in the event of a fall? Crawl to the phone? Hope someone checks in on her/him? Our geriatricians at St. V used to say anyone with daughters was blessed, and that someone without daughters should suck up to daughters-in-law; I know people with daughters who are not tended to very well. The nurses and medical assistants stated that their new resolve was to keep themselves fit so that they aged well. My patient was trying very hard to be independent, which is a good and noble goal; there are just so many things one can do, however, if one is more frail or debilitated.

A couple of fun interactions last week - I spoke at an event organised by Hendricks Regional Health (a hospital) on the work I do in India. It was at a Marriott Hotel in downtown Indianapolis, we had dinner and then walked over to the baseball field closeby to watch the Indianapolis Indians lose (somewhat miserably) to the Toledo Mudhens. The person who organised this event is John Sparzo, my friend Jeremy Kirk's boss. He is an extremely nice man, with a wonderful wife and very nice kids. In my line of work, there are many people who promise things - money, help, coming to the B to work, etc. - and delivery is not always assured. John has never promised anything, but just delivers - it is fabulous. He emailed me earlier in the year about wanting to do the talk, and I speak so often about the B that I readily acquiesced, he offered to pay me which was lovely, and he had the check at the talk. It is rather heartwarming to be at the receiving end of such spectacular and understated service.

I spent part of the weekend with my in-laws, among my most favorite people in the world, and that was therapeutic, being the laugh and love fest it always is. My sister-in-law, Diane, was there as well and that was a double bonus. We were sorry to hear of the demise of John Ruiz, a close friend of Scott's family, and the gentleman who gave me away at my American wedding; I had wanted to see Mrs. Ruiz, but she was unavailable and so I sent a condolence card. Mr. Ruiz was a loving, warm, gentle person - with always a kind word and generous presents to all who came by or all whom he went to see. I was also happy to see Carolyn's parents, LuBea and Earl Scanlan, a few days ago; they lost their son earlier this year and we talked about what it is like to have a passing in the family, and how we cope. It was, as always, lovely to see them.

I have been working out with a personal trainer, and it is fabulous. She stated to me that 80% of what we look like is due to what we eat, 10% due to genetics and 10% due to exercise - my, 80% !!! So my salad kick is on with a frenzy.

The 3 Weiss men are off to visit my parents this weekend - an event early anticipated by all concerned. I am glad Scott has a good relationship with my parents, and indeed, my entire family.

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