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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Report of 10 July '08

Hello from St. V library -

Also a free place, also wonderful. I just finished doing some work, and had the invaluable assistance of the librarian, and it was all good.

Work has been ok. Some chaos erupted, since we went live with an Electronic Medical Records System. It takes some getting used to, and I like it; it means that we must have some time to get used to it and familiar before we can get up to seeing a patient every 15 minutes. The front office staff didn't appear to quite grasp that, and scheduled a patient every 15 mins, when they were supposed to do 2 per hour. One of my patients left without my seeing them, and I was irate. I stepped up front to "voice my thoughts," and the schedule got better the following day; why does it take some yelling to accomplish matters? The previous day had been the start of my "Be quiet and don't complain" avatar, and you can see how long it lasted.

So I had a patient, who hadn't come in to be seen for his blood pressure in over a year. He's a young man, and I emphasised the need for close follow-up. I also berated him for his marijuana use, telling him my standard line of it causing impotence; in my experience, young people don't care about dropping dead from the drug but are exceedingly distressed about the impotence possibility. He told me God had sent him to see me and I asked if God had also told him to smoke weed; he said no, that's why he was in my exam room, and that he would tell his Mama that his doctor had "got on" him. I told him I'd be honored.

The young lady who had been through some trying times came in, feeling better on the antidepressant and after evaluating her options, and gave me another hug. Nice patients really do make the day light and fluffy and happy, and I felt my spirits rise.

I moved out of Carolyn and Will's warm, friendly house to the equally warm, hospitable environs of Marybeth, Andy, Miranda and Morgan Simon. It is great to be here, and I feel extremely privileged to have wonderful friends in a lot of places.

Ahh, Rafa! Nice job on that Wimbledon title, though the match took all day. I spent the 4th of July with friends Scott Semester, Carolyn, Will and others at a concert and fireworks display. It was great to be with good people. Kris and Gabe's house was also a treat. I got to see Shilpa and Ravi Mallur's new baby, Surya, and ate with all of them, including Shilpa's mother and Ravi's aunt. The day was filled with Indian food and cultural touches, including eating with our fingers, watching Shilpa's Mom massage her new grandson with coconut oil and then bathing him, and looking at Surya's big sister, Keerthi, as she massaged her "baby" (a doll) with coconut oil and then bathed him. It was a languid, wonderful afternoon. We got together with the Tabers for ribs and trimmings, and the conversation at their house was the usual feast for the intellect it always is.

See, privileged to have great friends.

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