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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Report of 18 Aug '08

Hello from home -

Where the power just failed and my impassioned blog of 60 minutes ago vanished without a trace. Where the cab driver's definition of 7.45 AM and mine differ ("Welcome home," said Scott).

But it's still nice to be back. The International flight was unique - they ran out of food and the flight attendant, a rather nice-looking fellow, offered the genial explanation, "Well, Jet stocks 90 trays for 100 passengers, as we think 10 won't eat." Not eat, on a long flight?! Quel horreur. I was one of those so deprived, and a fellow passenger near me made such a stink that trays were hastily procured from business class. Hoo hoo - so I ate well.

There were posters from the boys welcoming me home, and a giant fruit salad (one of my favorite foods) made by them. Scott was waiting at the airport, and we took some time off later in the week to see a dreadful Tamil movie, which I fell asleep during.

A beloved older neighbor has been reeling from knee pain. He has been diagnosed with gout and appropriate meds have been started, but relief is intermittent. He cannot take aspirin/ibuprofen as he has kidney problems and these meds will worsen the condition, plus Tylenol is ineffective. I'd brought, from the U.S., some "Icy Hot" patches - topical patches with menthol - and I think the placebo effect of those is in some evidence, but again only transiently. It is hard to watch this gentleman in such pain. In medicine, futility is quite often a companion.

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  • I can't believe they ran out of food -- how odd! Guess the wrong ratio of people was sleeping/in the bathroom when the food cart came around...

    BTW, I have "tagged" you on my blog, which is apparently just a nice way of saying "I have created work for you" -- click on over and see what that means. (I didn't know until a friend did it to me...)

    By Blogger SSS, at 21/8/08 12:46 PM  

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