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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Report of 13 May 2008

Hello from Baltimore!

We are at our friend Craig's place and the conference of the American College of Physicians starts tomorrow in Washington, D.C. It's annually a good show and I look forward to it.

I work for the Indiana Health Centers in Kokomo, Indiana, and enjoy it. The narcotic pain med, Lortab, appears to be the drug of choice in Kokomo and folks have been asking for it. My colleague said the word is probably out that there's a new doctor in town, so folks seeking Lortab have been a-coming. In addition to these, though, are the truly ill folks who need care. One of my patients who has been suffering from belly pain and bloating came in, and after taking a detailed history, I decided to refer her to the stomach specialists ("gastroenterologists"); as I wound up the visit, this lady hugged me and left. It was nice.

We were at Scott's cousin's wedding over the weekend. We spent 1 night with his friend, Colette, and her family, and that was lovely; it had been 20 years since we'd last seen her. It was nice also to get together with relatives, see a wedding, and dance the night away. All of us went out for a Mother's Day breakfast the following morning, and the 3 Weiss men gave me some lovely presents on the occasion. Belated Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers on my email list. I have come to believe, especially after working at the Banyan, that it takes a mother's distinctive touch to keep her family together, fed, and happy. This is not to minimise the father's impact, just to acknowledge the mother's role.

There are things about the changed U.S. that sadden me: the lack of a moral compass, the absence of emphasis on education, the tremendous obsession with the self, the tendency to complain instead of compliment, the poverty that seems to exist everywhere now that jobs are being lost. But then I think of the kind souls I've met along my way in the U.S., and I think all is really not lost. The potential to be great again exists here, and it simply takes some effort to re-discover it.

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