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Monday, October 08, 2018

Report of 8 Oct 2018

Hello from dusk!

The sea is visible, but dusk-visible.  We were away for part of the weekend and then madly catching up on Sunday, thus I did not blog as customary on Sunday.

Scott and I went to Mysore and Coorg to see relatives.  We did manage to see most of the aunts and cousins who live in India, and that was nice.  We stayed with my aunt, Chitra; she is fun and a very warm hostess.  She had a big bottle of honey for Scott to take home and made him a special rum drink which was delicious.  We had been to Coorg earlier, and the relatives there produced some home-grown pepper and coffee for us to take back; Scott was delighted - he is a huge fan of Coorg coffee.  Seeing everyone was very nice.

On our return, my sister-in-law, Susan, met us at Bangalore station and we exchanged packages: we handed over U.S. merchandise and she had a bag of tasty fruit for us.  It was nice to see her in the 10-minute stop and we got all our chatter in hurriedly before the train took off again, with us in it.

The Banyan is great, as usual.  The more I work elsewhere, and age (i.e., get older), the more I think the Banyan - with its horde of ethical, moral, diligent and fun employees and bosses - is a fine place to be.  Today's clinic was not as busy as usual, as it was a pooja (worship) holiday.  We saw several patients, though.  One of them had the usual arthritis and I had suggested to her to go to the nearby National Institute for Empowerment of People with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD), a fine place with lots of physiotherapy treatment options.  She declined, saying we had cured her of her shoulder pain.  Sometimes divine powers are wrongly attributed to us.  She did, indeed, appear to have better movement of her shoulder.  Often, I start patients on multivitamins and iron, and their aches and pains are ameliorated, thank goodness.  The benefits of vitamins and iron continue to manifest in mysterious ways.  My sister is a brilliant pediatrician, and works extensively with the Gates Foundation; she found that supplementing micronutrients in children causes them to whinge less and engage with the caregiver more.  Perhaps these benefits are displayed in adults, too.

We did not get to hang out with the boys as one of them was travelling, as were we.  We'll chat next week, hopefully.  I spoke to my father yesterday and that was nice. 

I saw an excellent Tamil movie called "Pariyerum Perumal."  It dealt with the caste system and was very well-done.  Sad, but good, and a wonderful debut for its director.  Usually, women do not go alone to movies here, but that is slowly changing.  This theater's management is good about accommodating me away from the crowds when necessary; seating here is numbered, and I am often fortunate to sit away from everyone else.  This time, the movie was surprisingly (for a weekday matinee) almost sold out and my seat was right in the thick of the crowd, but I sat on the steps at the back and enjoyed the show.  The theme appeared to resonate with the audience; it is very nice when off-beat movies enjoy box office success.

Have a good week!

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