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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Report of 16 Sept 2018

Hello from amidst the rumblings of thunder:

Grey clouds are gathering, the sea is no longer a clear blue.  An idol of Pillaiyar/Vinayaka/Ganesha has been immersed in the pond behind our apartment.  Thursday was Ganesh Chathurthi, a time to venerate the Lord Ganesha, which ends with the idol being immersed in water.  This year, there has been some tension with Muslims not wanting the procession to go through their neighborhoods and heavy police presence has accompanied the processions.  Not our little procession here, but bigger ones, where the idol is huge and so is the procession.

I am better, thanks to all who asked.  I even swam this morning and enjoyed every minute.  There was a lot of rain water in our pool and it was clean and warm.  That was the first exercise in quite a while.

The Banyan is fabulous.  I did not go at all 2 weeks ago but for Kovalam, our seaside village where the clinic gets very busy.  Scott drove me to work last week at Adaikalam, our distant branch and that was nice.  The nurses mentioned that they were going to surreptitiously show up at my house to see how I was - sweet thought.  I got IV fluids at Kovalam and Adaikalam and felt better.  I also got a commemorative book and a sari for our 25th anniversary, i.e., the B's 25th anniv. 

The patients are on the increase at Kovalam.  One of them was brought by her daughter-in-law, who mentioned that when the patient took this turn (gesturing to her forehead with her forefinger in a swirly motion), she and her husband brought her from her other son's place.  I requested that the lady not use the gesture, that the phrase was "mentally ill" and we proceeded to speak of the lady's condition.  At the end of the visit, I thanked the daughter-in-law for taking care of her mother-in-law and got a big smile in return; the d-i-l's whole face lit up.

We spoke to the boys today and that was fun.  Lots of chatter and laughter.  I also spoke to my father just now and that was also laughter and chatter.  It's a nice state of affairs. 

Last night, a bunch of school friends and we met for dinner: a schoolmate was visiting from the U.S. and all of us got together.  It was a nice evening - reminiscing about the high jinks at school and other things. 

Well, let me wind up.  Hope you have lots of good in your life.

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