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Monday, August 09, 2010

Report of 9 Aug '10

Hello all -

This kind of stinks. I am sitting here nursing a sprained ankle. I so love the Boot Camp workout that when I twisted my ankle today, running in the dark, I was resentful. Chee chee chee. Anyway, I imagine it could be worse: the instructor told me that one of the participants, in the past, had clonged her head on the gym wall. I am glad that did not happen. It did mean I could not work out today, and I have been hobbling around the patients, trying to dexterously examine on one leg, overall looking ridiculous. The patients have been mighty understanding, though.

Work has been good. Cosmically aligning to finish out the course. This morning, as I swung in on crutches and finished up with the first patient, the second one wanted to leave. It was 8.50, his appt was at 8.30, and unfortunately he had been put in the room at 8.06. So 45 minutes later, the doctor was not in the room. I stand in the way of no one who wants to leave. I do feel bad, however, when I disappoint the patients, and abhor being late. But this patient wanted to see his regular provider, and that was fine with me, because I think those who cannot be fit in their regular provider's schedule must settle for 2nd best - i.e., me. :)

The patient who was refused Valium complained about me to my boss. All feedback is welcome and she really was spot on with her assessment that I appeared close-minded to the possibility of Valium; indeed, I was, and am. There are better meds, especially for an itchy rash. Other patients have come, and hugged, and chatted, and I especially like that. The young farmer with the frequent falls has some disc abnormalities on his MRI, and has been referred to a neurosurgeon. I hope for some relief for this patient, and will see him again in a couple of weeks.

Some fine times last week. My friend, Olivia, flew me out to Kansas, and her parents came in from western Kansas as well. It felt like I was with family and was great; we cooked Indian food together, and it helped immensely that our sous chef exemplaire, Olivia, had done the cutting ahead of time. Some delightful friends of Olivia's came for dinner and barely survived the heat of the food, but the intrepid Fondobles loved it. It was a fun evening, and I played dominoes for the first time. Olivia, her mother and I also saw "Charlie St. Cloud," getting a nice eyeful of Mr. Efron ("Zac Efron, really, Amma?" said my perplexed son) and caring a hoot for the story line. (Same way when we saw the dreadful "Catwoman" - "she (Halle Berry) doesn't have to act," said Scott.) It was a therapeutic weekend, and I returned rejuvenated. Olivia's gentle presence and powerful sense of humor will do that every time.

I spoke to all the men in my immediate life - my Dad and the 3 Weiss men. All are well, Naren reiterated that he'd be home the weekend I arrived, Navin said, "Really?!" when I said there were 4 weeks to go, Scott's messages continue to use complimentary adjectives, and my Dad said, "When are you here?" You can tell where the focus is. I have enjoyed my time here and appreciate all the folks who have made my summer oh-so wonderful.

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