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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Report of 20 July 2010

Hello from Indiana!

And the emails have begun - "Hi, beautiful," etc. Soon, all of us (the 3 Weiss men and I) will be emailing fondness to each other, and loving, and missing, and it will be time to go home.

But not yet, as he said in "Gladiator." Work has been just great, and I like sitting in on lectures and Grand Rounds. It is always, always nice to learn more. The patients have been mostly good, also. There was a patient who has emigrated here from overseas, and I saw him for back pain so severe that he is now falling. He's a young guy, and young patients are often a nice treat in our populace of older patients. "Back pain," however, is a red flag, as patients will ask for narcotic pain meds stating this reason. This patient, though, summarily dismissed all pain meds - "I am a farmer." And we laughed. I've asked for an MRI, and I want to see what's going on. What's cool for us is never cool for the patient, and I hope the patient regains good health.

I am now at the warm, loving home of Andy and Marybeth Simon, and their daughters, Miranda and Morgan. They are in Hawaii, and it is nice of them to trust me with their beautiful home.

Some fine times last week - I saw Spain, my preferred team, win the World Cup. Them vuvuzelas did sound like bees. I watched Isabella and Rosalia while the game was on, and plopped in a movie for them, though I would have liked to hang out and do girlie things. Sid shadowed us again last week, and my colleagues were nice to him (of course); it made for a fun day. I met my former colleague, Theresa Jefferson, for dinner at her house and it was just fabulous: Theresa is of the community that I admire greatly - Black women - and we had a blast. We talked of all things family and work, and Theresa mentioned her straightforward request to her grandson's mother to maintain the contact with him. I loved that; I see little purpose in vendettas where the child's parent prevents contact with various family members - it hurts the child the most, and deprives him/her of some solid, loving relationships which would complete the child quite nicely. I met Theresa's family as well, and enjoyed that. A bunch of female friends and I got together for a potluck dinner on Sunday - Colleen, Sonja, Boni, Lolly, Kris, Denise, Amy and Natalie outdid themselves in both food and conversation and I greatly enjoyed the evening, with all of us sitting around the dining table and revelling in each other.

13 July was my mother's b'day. I deliberately did not talk to my father that day. I called him the following day and we spoke at length of how difficult the day had been for him. 2 years ago, the 3 Weiss men and I wrote letters to my mother on her b'day; she so loved getting letters that she was delighted with this simple gesture and said she read and re-read the letters. She said that one of my sons was unintentionally very funny. My mother made our b'days memorable - presents as soon as we woke up, our favorite foods for a meal at home and then a restaurant meal at the end of the day. I wonder how her b'days had been. My father felt like chatting, and I appreciated that.

I am taking Jazz dance and salsa classes, and like them. I saw "Letters to Juliet," which was a bit dreadful, and "Inception," which was about 40 minutes too long. I also got to talk to all 3 Weiss men, and all were doing well - Naren taking part in inter-collegiate competitions (de rigeur for the average college student in India) and doing well, Navin performing well on school exams, and Scott holding up both home and work ably. There is no substitute for getting good news like this - it does make the day, and year.

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