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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Report of 6 July '10

Hello from Indiana -

It was a weekend straight from Heaven. My kind hosts left me the house for the weekend and I watched movies until my eyes drooped, talked to the 3 Weiss men, watched Serena and our beloved Rafa win Wimbledon (I enjoyed both victories, and especially enjoyed the tremendous grace that the runners-up displayed in congratulating the winners, and the reciprocated class from the winners), and watched part of the World Cup. I also went to an Independence Day festival, and listened to live music outside, which was a joy.

Sid Norton, a friend interested in medicine, worked with us last week and that was great fun. Sid is a gentle presence, engaging and interested, and all enjoyed his visit. One of the patients (female and older) wanted to take him home. Sid and I had dinner later, and caught up on how his day had been, how health care providers' days are never boring, how much the profession challenges the intellect, etc. It was a nice day.

We had our standard patients last week, and Mr. X, the 600-lb patient, has fallen back into his ways of not following up regularly with the doctor. He is on a blood thinner for blood clots, and that needs to be monitored weekly, but he has not come in. We finally managed to get him in last week, and I saw that his gums were bleeding - too thin, that blood. So his medication was adjusted, and he was supposed to have returned today, but did not.

I spent Monday rounding with Dr. Love and that was great. He is a brilliant clinician, and I learn a lot from him, including from just hearing him talk to the patients. The peer relationship is nice, too, and Dr. Love's sense of humor keeps the day going by very easily. He is very kind to let me follow him thus.

The gym goes well - odd place, if you truly notice. There are all manner of individuals working out there, and not just for the purpose of improving their health, either. But it remains a fine place to exercise, and I enjoy going there. I also take a Jazz Dance class with older adults, and I am impressed at the flexibility and grace that they exhibit; I used to think that Indians had a fine sense of rhythm, but abundance of grace there ain't.

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