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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Report of 18 April 2010

Hello from West Memphis, Arkansas -

I like travelling here. We spent the last few days with beloved friends in San Antonio, and I spoke at my old school. That talk took a little warming up, on my part; there were new pics of our impoverished, destitute Banyan patients and I thought I rambled a bit. There is a lot of interest at school in free clinics, etc., and I suggested that the enthusiastic young folks charge at least a nominal fee for services, as there is absolutely no appreciation for said services otherwise.

We were fortunate to see former neighbors, Gaby and Lamont, the day we left, and met them and Aurora for b'fast. Aurora cooked, and we filled our stomachs before heading out for Indy. I also feel lucky to have seen former professor Greg Freeman; some of our patients at the Banyan have died in the recent past and as I don't have access to post-mortem, I have to take a best guess at the causes. Greg, a cardiologist of considerable skill, and I discussed the issue in detail, and I have some more clues for prevention and management. I tell you, I completely enjoy being in touch with former profs. Both Linda Johnson and Greg Freeman gave hefty checks for our work in India and that was oh-so touching.

My sister, Anu, is in the U.K. for a meeting, the meeting is over, and she is stuck due to the volcanic ash grounding flights. I feel fortunate that we got here before the groundings. My family at home and I are in regular contact, and I appreciate that tremendously, especially after hearing of other friends whose family relationships border on the acrimonious.

We will be in Toronto next week for the conference of the American College of Physicians, annually a grand show. So much learning packed into 4 days - I like it. We are hoping Naren's flight into the U.S. is as scheduled; Navin mentioned that today. This is the first time that our trip has been staggered thus, and we are hopeful that Naren will join us safely.

Nice to be here. I pigged out on sausage biscuits and gravy this morning - vintage Southern fare - and am sitting here in a sated haze.

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