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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Report of 8 Feb '10

Hello from Chennai -

Routine feels good. Get up, exercise, go up, get men to breakfast, etc. We had hoped to watch the Super Bowl today, but ESPN was not showing it. Our neighbors looked for it on their TV (we don't have TV), and could not find it. As it turns out, the New Orleans Saints have defeated the Indianapolis Colts for the title. Though all of us did support the Colts (I did residency in Indianapolis), it was good that a city which got almost wiped out a few years ago had something to cheer about in their team's win.

My mother is stable. Yesterday, Anu phoned me and put the phone to my mother's ear and had me bellow. It appeared that my mother understood what I was saying. We will see her on Saturday, in Vellore, which is about 2 hours away from here. My father had told me not to punish my son very harshly for his shenanigans, which is quite what my mother would say.

I got to talk to some close friends, all of whom know my mother from college days. That was extremely nice. During college, my friends and I were in and out of each other's houses, truly, especially if some special food was being made. Friendship in India is very profound, often involving the whole family, and a lot of my friends' parents are my parents' friends, too, and were party to all the eating. Thus, I have eaten fried rice and onion pachadi at one friend's house, fish curry at another friend's, murukku at yet another's, etc. My mother baked very well, perforce from scratch ("Cream the butter and sugar together well, otherwise the cake will not be tasty"), and friends would make a beeline for our house when cake was on the table for tea.

It took some juggling to accomplish everything in Madurai - be with my mother, stand by my father, get the provisions for the house, plan the menu, get everyone to the hospital on time - and I was grateful for all the help I could get. My sister and sister-in-law were there, as also Scott and Vinu. Vinu and I are very close, and it was good to have his weird sense of humor around. It is always good to be able to laugh, even - or especially - in stressful situations.

Colleagues at the Banyan have been very warm in welcoming me back. The able senior coordinator of Adaikalam, Vanitha, says the residents' prayers have special powers. I am starting to believe it.

It was wonderful to get your emails. They helped boost my spirits many times.

Unw -



  • hai renu,
    Im Elsa Lycias Joel. DO u remember me? once upon a time you were fortunate enough to try your hands on me. hahahaha. i mean u adorned me with a good hairstyle. your dad is a relative of my mom Geetha Lycias Joel.lets keep in touch

    By Blogger personalglimpses, at 8/2/10 1:41 AM  

  • Hi Elsa -

    Please send me an email id. Thanks.


    By Blogger Renu Weiss, at 9/2/10 6:40 AM  

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