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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Report of 26 Oct '09

Hello from the Banyan -

It has been about 6 hours of addressing emails, and several other issues. Somewhat exhausting, but necessary as this is the first chance I've got this week. - that's the email address for our tax-exempt entity, in case anyone in the U.S.A. wants to donate, and avail a tax break. It was accomplished by a remarkable friend of the Banyan named Hema Venkatramanan, who is a wonderful, caring, giving human being. Hema can ably answer all your queries. I understand a similar entity is planned for, in the U.K.

The monsoon is on us. It started yesterday, and we are grateful that the windows in Adaikalam are getting fixed so that our poor ladies can stay dry.

It is also, apparently, the time of year when the teenagers decide to unleash massive doses of selfishness. I probably should be a gentle mother, pointing out the error of their ways. Instead, everyone got a dose of wrath this morning, and thunderous consequences. As I told a friend, if we did not routinely have such turbulence, we might never appreciate the peace. And you know, I was 100 times worse when I was their age.

The lady who's had the stroke has a huge bedsore. Last week, I asked to examine it and found it infected and very, very smelly (malodorous). I started an antibiotic, and asked that she be turned every hour instead of every 2 hours. I looked at the wound again yesterday, and it is better! HOOOOO! Our triumphs are small, but they are mighty.

I took the train this morning and had to cross a huge open-air slum by foot to get here. The kids in the slum had put stones across a giant puddle so that all could cross without getting too wet. I was touched by their thought: in the midst of their staggering poverty, they spared a thought for people who essentially would not give them a second glance. How many of us would be similarly kind?

I got a package of journals and candy from some former colleagues in the U.S. I was very happy to see the journals and the family was elated at the candy. Food of a different kind, for each of us; where would be without diversity.

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