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Friday, January 09, 2009

Report of 10 Jan '09

And we must get used to writing '09, not '08 -

I am in an Internet cafe, blogging. We have to present id's now before we can use the Internet, and that's fine with me.

There's a new kind of exhaustion setting in - the knowledge that I have to do quite a bit, with the kids, home, keeping up my professional reading. These are all fine with me, but the chores keep increasing in number. I have started writing them down to keep them manageable, and today, Scott and I are running errands, so that ought to help.

The big news this week is that Ahana, my niece, got admission in kindergarten in a private school of her parents' choice. KG admissions here are harrowing, with the parents lining up for application forms from the night before, then prepping the kid for the "interview," and then waiting with dreadful suspense for the results. Ahana had to identify colors and numbers and narrate a nursery rhyme, all of which she did, but that wasn't enough. I had to then request the senior trustee of the Banyan, Mr. Vellodi, to put in a word to the school management and he did. That was kind of him, and you see the result. The parents are hugely relieved.

A neighbor's maid came to get her blood pressure checked. I am happy to do this, and found it high. I asked her to cut back on her salt and walk, which she said she would; she also said she had been eating more than her fair share of pooris ( a deep fried wheat bread) and we laughed about it. She did promise to cut back on such indulgences, and we parted ways.

"Pravasi Bharatiya Divas," the meet for overseas Indians, happened in Chennai this week and there was much wooing of this populace. They stayed (at their own expense) in the ritziest possible hotels and security was extra tight at the conference venue. There's a new willingness to plough money and talent back in the homeland, and that is welcome. Until we keep our population in control, though, little can be achieved. We are over a billion strong now.

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