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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Report of 12 March '08

Hello from the B -

One of our patients, Ms. I, a longstanding resident of the B (file number 5 and we have handled 1500+ patients), is dying in the hospital. She is young (late 20's or early 30's) and it is tremendously frustrating to just watch this process. We think the lung failure is due to tuberculosis, and now her liver is failing, too, so no anti-TB meds can be started. Not that they'd help at this point.

I like living here, and don't often miss the U.S., but I do when it comes to the "Treat all patients like they're patients, not loaded wallets" philosophy of the U.S. I think Ms. I had TB before and now it's reactivated, with somewhat catastrophic consequences. One of the things about the B is that other things consume us so much (fundraising, advocacy for the rights of the mentally ill) that the medical side gets forgotten. I attempt to remedy this situation, with varying degrees of success.

Life is otherwise alright, not much else to report. The family's well, thank goodness. We got outstanding reports from Navin's teachers, who, to a person, said he was only going to work if he got motivated to do so, and becoming head boy appears to have motivated him a bit. It was not time for Naren's feedback yet, but he appears to be enjoying school and that's good. We sent a box of laddus (Indian sweets) to Navin's teachers for accomplishing the impossible with the boy; I think all teachers ought to get their salaries doubled annually.

We are looking forward to our trip.

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