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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Report of 11 Nov '18

Good evening -

It is Remembrance Day.  100 years since World War I ended.  The contributions of Indian soldiers to the cause is being remembered. 

We are well.  Battling a virus, which appears to happen incessantly.  We were at an event yesterday, and it is now consider trendy for people of opposite genders to shake hands.  So shake hands, I did, and apparently brought home the goods.  I normally go for a very invigorating swim on Sunday mornings and the swim was the last thing on my mind.  So, I was up early, showered, had a cup of tea and fruit and an egg, and enjoyed the soothing quiet of the Sunday morning, before bustle set in.

Kovalam is great - busy and fun.  The little child, X, came by my exam room and announced that she was bored, that she wanted to go to her friend's house.  Here's the deal - she is perfectly entitled to say that, and well within her childhood rights; however, I am not the person to ferry her where she wants to go.  At some point in the parent's alcoholic stupor, I wish some thought would be given to the fact that a disruption in a school-going child's life can lead to bad things.  The mother's mental illness can be treated, I am not sure how much progress we will make with the father's alcoholism.

Adaikalam is also fine.  I was only there for a short period this week as I had some work at a Government office here, and that can be lengthy.  However, I did manage to get the ill patients and staff seen, after grabbing a quick breakfast at our cafe.  Said cafe is a great success story; they sell to anyone - intra- or extra-Banyan - and their food is inexpensive and good.  The cafe is located such that the windows are at an "L:" 1 part of the L opens outside the compound wall and folks outside can buy and partake of the food at the tables placed there, and the other perpendicular part opens inside for folks like Scott and me, who buy from within the B.

Diwali was on the 6th, and it was great to have a day off!  We ate sweets from morning to night
and relaxed at home.  Our small puja (worship ritual) involved prayers to my mother, who ensured that we celebrated both the Hindu and Christian festivals.  She was Hindu, my father is Christian, neither insisted that the other convert and all of us were brought up celebrating both religions.  Good sorts, my parents.   

We travel on Tuesday to the U.S.  As both boys will not be here for 1 holiday, we would like to see them for the other.  It is a lengthy journey, but what the heck - the destination (son-hood) is worth the travel.  We hung out with both boys today and that was truly fun - chatter, candor, laughter.  When I asked if they wanted anything from here, 1 said, "Just arrive safely."  My father says things like that, too. 

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