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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Report of 1 Jan 2014

Happy New Year!

May this year bring you good health and happiness.  As I age, I find this business of good health to be a grand thing to wish for.

We are well, and hope the same with you.  I am sitting here getting shocked by this computer (there is some faulty wiring, which is causing me to get regular zaps, prevented by a pillow case against the keyboard), Scott is updating his diary and the boys are out gallivanting with friends.  This is a fun time for them, getting together with those they consider soulmates, from an era when sassing the teacher and playing sports were de rigueur.  They now must discuss college, and finances, and life in general, without the detour of sassing the teacher.

One year, when Naren and Navin were in the business of teaching underprivileged students, one of them returned home and said over dinner of his student, "She looks around, does not pay attention, does not try to grasp concepts.  Whom am I teaching for?"  And then the epiphany struck almost immedately: our son was similar in his behavior in math class.  It was very funny, and we reminded both boys that their teachers were likely experiencing the exact doubts, too.

Work was fine.  The students finished their physical exams and examined a staff member or 2.  We saw the patient who had been chained by her ankle and had fought it, subsequently causing a big wound on her ankle.  We treated the wound after she got to the B, using an IV antibiotic suggested by our lead health care worker (very sharp!), and doing careful cleaning and dressing changes.  The wound has since healed - halleluia.  I wonder how I would react if I were chained as my caregivers did not understand mental illness - probably similarly, fighting the chain and causing a wound.

Many of the health care workers and other staff spoke of how much they had enjoyed Family Day, and I was pleased.  The work is demanding: if we can give them a few treats on 1 day of the year, I am very willing.  Thanks to all of you who donated, and who share a keen interest in the Banyan.

Christmas was in Chennai, with my extended family and the med students.  It was fun, and vats of food were eaten.  We saw off the various relatives and friends, and then went with our sons to Sri Lanka.  We loved our time there: the people are gentle and genteel, the place is clean, there were vast Buddhist influences everywhere, and the food was delicious.  We spaced our holiday out, doing manageable things daily instead of running around madly doing touristy things.  As a result, we got to listen to our sons and revel in their senses of humor; enjoyed each other's presence; slept lots (one day, I got up at 8.45 AM, which is not common); and generally relaxed.  It was a fine trip.  We returned today, slept a bit, saw some beloved friends whose blessings we must receive on New Year's Day and were privileged to have both boys home for the 2 meals for which we were awake.

Lots of good times, plenty of blessings.  We hope you have your own, today and all through 2014!

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